Privacy policy

Last amended 2019-14-07.

1. General information

We appreciate your interest in our company and our products. We strongly recommend that you carefully review this privacy policy before working with the website as

2. Collection of information and its use

a. Account Information

If you want to contact our technical support or get new versions of the program, then we process and store your email. We need the email only to be able to recover your password, or notifications about critical situations.

b. Action log for ScanDoc

When working with ScanDoc, we automatically collect the program's action log.

We process:

  • Program error messages
  • Date and time of the program
  • The commands that were transmitted to the car and the answers to these commands from the car’s control units
  • User actions in the program
  • VIN car number if available
  • Adapter serial number
  • Html snapshot of the program window. Only our program.
  • Browser version
  • Instrument power supply at the time of the program
  • Operating system type

Information processing objectives:

  • The action log is necessary for technical support when solving problems encountered by users
  • Improving the quality of our products
  • Ensuring the operation of services. For example, statistics which shows which car models are most often diagnosed or the most frequent breakdowns.

We do not save any personal information about the owner of the diagnosed vehicle, or information that can provide unauthorized access to the vehicle

c. Service website action log

We automatically record information in the action log when you view content. The information is automatically analyzed, the statistical report is saved and after that the information is deleted. We do not store your IP address, or any other information that can identify you. We use cookies only to store connection session and program settings.

We process:

  • Address of the requested page
  • Date and time, time of site visit
  • Operating system type
  • Browser version

Information processing objectives:

  • Improve our site
  • Improve customer support
  • Protect your site

d. Request Technical Support

Your choice. You can make a public or private request to tech support. In both cases, the action logs will be available only to you and the technical support service. Based on your requests for technical support, we make recommendations on the use of our program.

3. Data retention and protection of information

a. General provisions

We use SSL traffic encryption to protect data transmission from the server to the browser and between our servers

b. Action log for ScanDoc

Action logs are stored in encrypted form on our servers. After the closure of the appeal, the data is stored on our servers for 3 years, in order to comply with legal obligations.

4. Disclosure to third parties

a. Third Party

We do not transfer your email or action logs to third-party services.

We will open your email to the competent organizations if required by law.

b. Change of property rights

In the event that we participate in bankruptcy or insolvency, acquisition, merger, sale of assets or similar transactions, your information will be sold or transferred as part of this transaction. You will be notified by email about any                 changes in the ownership or use of your personal data.

5. Information Management

At any time, you can delete your account or your calls to technical support.

6. Children

Our services are not for people under 16 years old. We do not collect or request personal information from persons under the age of 16. We also do not allow such persons to purchase our products or software.

7. Other websites

The and pages contain links to other websites, including our company. Each site has its own privacy policy. When you go to these sites, please read their privacy policy.
We do not control and are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of third-party websites that may be associated with our website.