Car, SSANGYONG, Rexton G4 (Y400), G20DTR (ECM)

G20DTR (ECM) - 0


Part number: --

VIN no: qwertyuiopasdfghg



Clear DTC

Data stream

Drive position: D

A/C switch: On

A/C compressor status: Yes

Condition Fuel Cut Off: Yes

Throttle position at idle position: Yes

Throttle wide open position: Yes

Ignition status: On

Fuel pump control: On

Main relay status: On

Clutch switch: Open

Brake pedal switch: Pressed

Camshaft control: Enabled

Engine running detected: Yes

Battery voltage: 25.5 V

Intake manifold pressure: -- hPa

Throttle position sensor: -- %

Accelerator pedal position sensor signal: -- %

Engine coolant temperature sensor: -- °C

Coolant temperature at engine start: -- °C

PWM: -- %

Intake air temperature: -- °C

Engine oil temperature: -- °C

Ambient temperature: -- °C

Ambient pressure: -- hPa

Gear engaged: --

A/C pressure: -- hPa

Vehicle speed: -- km/h

O2 sensor 2, bank 1: -- V

O2 sensor correction: --

Fuel adaptation, idle active, bank 1: -- %

Fuel adaption (part load): --

Target air/fuel ratio: --

Purge control valve duty: -- %

Ignition 1 output: -- kW

Ignition 2 output: -- kW

Ignition 3 output: -- kW

Injection timing of all cylinders: -- ms

Engine speed: -- rpm

Target idle speed: -- rpm

Engine load: -- %

Engine running time: -- min

Fuel consumption: -- ms

Turbocharger boost control solenoid valve feedback: 80.00 V

System voltage: 25.5 V

CAN transmit error counter (TEC): 255

CAN receive error counter (REC): --

CAN-bus OFF counter: --

Cruise control main switch: On

Cruise control/speed limiter: status of the "Cancel/Resume" button: On

Cruise control "Set" button: On

Cruise control "Plus" button: On

Cruise control "Minus" button: On

Cruise control "Acceleration" button: On

Cruise control "Deceleration" button: On

Cruise control "Resume" button: On

State of cruise control or speedlimiter:

Actuators test


Check engine telltale

A/C compressor relay

Fuel open loop

Canister purge valve

ETC Motor

Ignition coil, cylinder 1

Ignition coil, cylinder 2

Ignition coil, cylinder 3

Ignition coil, cylinder 4

Disable fuel injection 1

Disable fuel injection 2

Disable fuel injection 3

Disable fuel injection 4

Intake oil control valve

Exhaust oil control valve

Turbocharger actuator position



Edit VIN

ECU registration

Auto detection trigger



Edit configuration



Edit parameter configuration