Car, JAC, S4, Immobilizer (IMMO)

Immobilizer - Immobilizer (IMMO) - 0


Active diagnostic session: Default mode

Vehicle manufacturer spare part number: B123456789AB

System identification: C123456789AB4DEFGHIQR

Manufacture date: 44313233

ECU serial number: VWX3456789ABCDEFGH

VIN no: Z8PFFEA5XEA069212

Supplier ECU hardware number: --

Supplier ECU software number: --

Engine type: FD23445

ECU installation date: 47313233

Vehicle equipment code: 4831323334353637383941423444454647484951



Clear DTC

Data stream

Ignition switch: Off

Anti-theft system: Not in delivery

VIN no: Not programmed

Security code: Not programmed

Number of learnt keys: Not used

IMMO last authentication with key success: Pass

IMMO last authentication with ECM success: Pass