Car, RENAULT, MASTER ph2, F9Q - Diesel (INJ)

F9Q - Diesel (INJ) - 0


Electronic version: 82 00 39 19 57

Program number: 00 C1

Software version: CA 02

Calibration number: 71 23

MPR reference: 82 00 40 45 66

Diagnostic version: 04

Supplier: 037

VIN no: VF1BJRE0633480386


DF117 [CC.0]: Fuel rail pressure sensor - circuit short to ground


Clear DTC

Data stream

Target idle speed: -1 rpm

Engine speed: 1001 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: -0.0 km/h

Preheating unit control: Not active

Computer + after ignition: Not active

Synchronisation: Not complete

Sensor reference voltage: -0.00 V

Barometric pressure sensor: 3.83 V

A/C pressure: 1.10 V

Mass air flow sensor: 2.34 V

EGR valve position sensor: 0.77 V

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 91.1 °C

Intake air temperature sensor: 24.4 °C

Fuel temperature sensor: -39.9 °C

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 0.62 V

Barometric pressure sensor: 968 mbar

Battery voltage: 14.17 V

Rail pressure difference: 3.1 bar

Clutch pedal: Pressed

Accelerator pedal position sensor: 0.0 %

Intake air temperature sensor: 2.45 V

Accelerator pedal position sensor 1: 0.76 V

Accelerator pedal position sensor 2: 0.38 V

Fuel temperature sensor: 5.00 V

Starting autorisation control: Not active

Engine running status: Running

EGR valve opening reference: 0.0 %

EGR solenoid valve RCO: 0.0 %

EGR correction: 0.0 %

EGR valve position recopy: 0.0 %

Mass air flow sensor: 30.0 mg/cp

Mass air flow sensor: 1.2 kg/h

Air flow loop difference: 854.9 mg/cp

EGR valve position recopy loop difference: 0.0 %

Air flow reference for EGR: 0.0 mg/cp

Cooling fan low speed relay: Not active

Cooling fan high speed relay: Not active

A/C request: No

A/C authorisation: No

A/C pressure: 10.3 bar

Fuel consumption correction cylinder 1: 23.7 mg/cp

Fuel consumption correction cylinder 3: 57.2 mg/cp

Fuel consumption correction cylinder 4: -13.2 mg/cp

Fuel consumption correction cylinder 2: 6.0 mg/cp

Injection quantity: 118.1 mg/cp

Target injection quantity: 6.4 mg/cp

Engine torque: 0.0 N·m

Fuel rail pressure: 10.00 V

Fuel rail pressure: 33.9 bar

Fuel rail pressure setting: 80.4 bar

Fuel rail pressure regulator current ref.value: 273 mA

Fuel rail pressure regulator current: 54 mA

Gallery pressure regulation valve RCO: 136.0 %

Code programmed: Yes

Immobilizer status: On

Cruise control/speed limiter deactivation: Incoherence between request and vehicle speed

Cruise control/speed limiter operation: Restart

Cruise control/speed limiter: Regulation

Brake pedal switch 1: On

Brake pedal switch 2: On

Cruise control setting: 0 km/h

EGR valve last offset: 84.8 %


Turbocharger type : Fixed

Type of high pressure pump: CP3

Air conditioner: Not present

Water in fuel sensor: Not present

Passenger compartment heating resistor: Not present

Cruise control: Not present

Speed limitation: Not present

Actuators test


Cooling fan low speed

Cooling fan high speed

Heating resistor relay 1

Heating resistor relay 3

Low pressure pump relay control

A/C compressor

Preheating relay



Write VIN

Programmed values

Fuel supply prevention

Injectors replacement

EGR programming reinitialization