Car, BMW, X3 (G01), Man machine interface graphic module (MMI)

Multimedia - Man machine interface graphic module (MMI) - 0


Diagnostic version: 0F 15 80

Programming date: 14.29.16

Supplier: Siemens

Manufacture date: 10.02.11



Clear DTC

Data stream

Serial number: 1103803600

Control unit temperature: -- °C

Audio system encoding: --

Volume: 0.0

Mute: --

GPS: --

CD player status: --

Quality of station being received: --

Field strength of station received: --

Connection (head-unit diversity): --

Frequency of station being received: -- Hz

Active DAB aerial: --

TP: --

RDS: --

TMC: --

DAB: --


Aerial selftest: All aerials OK

CID connection: --

Display version: --

Flash version number: --

Hardware version number: --

Supplier number: --

Part number: --

Temperature backlighting: -- °C

CRIN: --

Telephone mute: --

Selftest: Test not started

Additional information

Selftest: 0.0

Actuators test


Maximum display brightness

Status navigation voice

No-signal test screen

Display black segments test

Display blue segments test

Display green segments test

Display red segments test

Display white segments test

Continue switching to next sound source

Signal 10 kHz all speakers test

Signal 1 kHz all speakers test

Signal 100 Hz all speakers test

Output control gong test

Output front sound PDC pattern

Reset sound settings

Sound Mute Signal

Emergency eject CD/DVD

Eject optical medium (CD/DVD eject)

Radio station scan

Search for strongest radio station

Adjustment of frequency (88.9MHz)

Change frequency band from AM to FM

Switch RDS

Traffic switch

SDARS activation status

Switch MMI display on/off

Bluetooth: delete coupled device

Control unit reset

Test of all aerials

Delete customer-everything specific data



Restore delivery status