Car, TOYOTA, PRIUS , PRIUS Plugin , PRIUS V, Body control module 2 (BCM2)

Body control module - Body control module 2 (BCM2) - 0


B1258: Unknown DTC

B1259: Unknown DTC

B125A: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

I/L on W/Door key unlock: Off

Lighting time: 7,5 s

Lighting time: 30 s

Illumination control: On

Light control: On

Battery saver: Off

I/L when ACC OFF: Off

Foot lights set up: Off

I/L ON W/Unlock: On

Number of DTC: 1

Shift P position SW (P1): Off

Key unlock warning switch: On

Parking brake switch: Off

Stop light switch: On

Trunk/back door open switch: Off

Trunk Lock/Unlock switch: On

Engine hood courtesy switch: Off

Lugg courtesy switch: On

Driver seat buckle switch: Off

Passenger front seatbelt buckle switch: On

Right mirror selection switch: Off

Left mirror selection button: On

Mirror position switch (Right): Off

Mirror position switch (Left): On

Mirror position switch (Up): Off

Mirror position switch (Down): On

Brake fluid warning SW: Off

Light failure signal: On

Snow mode switch: Off

Ect power mode switch: On

Sport mode switch: Off

Fuel lid opener switch: On

Generator L terminal: Off

Outside mirror fold switch: On

Driver door courtesy switch: Off

Passenger door courtsey switch: On

Rear door courtsey switch: Off

Back door open switch: On

P/N switch: Off

Rear lock position switch: On

Passenger door lock position switch: Off

Driver door lock position switch: On

Wiper switch terminal (2S): Off

Wiper switch terminal (C1): On

Wiper switch terminal (+1): Off

Wiper switch terminal (SM): On

Washer switch terminal (W): Off

Wiper angle (PA1): On

Wiper angle (PA2): Off

Wiper angle (PA3): On

Dimmer switch: On

Head light switch (Passing): Off

Rear fog light switch: On

Front fog light switch: Off

Automatic light: On

Head light switch (Head): Off

Head light switch (Tail): On

Illumination rate info: 720.88 ms

Rheostat: 85

Brake pad sensor open switch: Off

Tail cancel switch: On

Outside mirror fold switch: Off

Outer mirror return switch: On

Trunk main switch: Off

A/C switch: On

Ignition switch: Off

Back door open: Permit

Seat memory No1: Off

Seat memory No2: On

Seat memory set switch: Off

Back door open switch: On

PSD oper SW (D): Off

PSD oper SW (P): On

Auto mirror switch: Off

Shoulder belt position 1: 85

Shoulder belt position 2: 85

Shoulder belt position 3: 85

Door lock switch-lock: Off

Door lock switch-unlock: On

Door key switch-lock: Off

Passenger door key unlock switch: On

Driver door key switch unlock: Off

Lock position switch: On

Glass break sensor: Off

Intrusion sensor: On

Intrusion sensor OFF switch: Off

Illumination switch: Off

Actuators test


Security indicator

Key remained buzzer

Security horn


Wireless buzzer (Continuous sound)

Wireless buzzer

Trunk open

Rear wiper motor

Rear washer test

Wiper low speed

Wiper high speed

Wiper angle control

Wiper motor

High beam test

Relay of DRL

Right turn signal telltale

Left turn signal telltale

Rear fog light test

Front fog light telltale

Headlight relay

Tail light test

Dimmer signal

Reostat concel operation

Rear buckle light output

Passenger buckle light output

Driver buckle light output

Illuminated entry system

Door open telltale

IG OFF P/W control premission output

All courtesy output

Horn test

Center console light operation

Step light operation

Scuff plate light

Rear room light

Doom relay cut

Interior panel relay

Map and courtesy light

Shift R sign

Rear fog light test

Headlamp washer test

Other ECU power cut

Shock detection unlock

Instrusion sensor power

Security horn 2

Shoulder belt

Front passenger power window switch

Rear left power window switch

Right rear window lifter

Unlock/Deadlock test



Wireless door lock

Door lock

Security setup

Power window


Illuminated entry system

Warning function

Light control

Rear sunshade operation