Car, TOYOTA, OPA, Multi-mode manual transmission (MMT)

Transaxle - Multi-mode manual transmission (MMT) - 0


C1306: Unknown DTC

P0309: Unknown DTC

P2009: Unknown DTC

P2209: Unknown DTC

P2318: Unknown DTC

C35C0: Unknown DTC

P01C1: Unknown DTC


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Data stream

Check engine telltale: Off

Calculated engine load: 15.29 %

Engine coolant temperature sensor: -40 °C

Engine speed: 13.75 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: 226 km/h

Distance since check engine telltale on: 4132 km

Vehicle speed sensor signal: 0.64 km/h

A/T input speed: 0.00 rpm

Gear shift position: N

Diagnostic mode: 0 rpm

Backup engine speed: 4096 rpm

Accelerator pedal angle: 12.8 %

Theoretical engine torque: 128 N·m

Clutch position (current): 0.012 mm

Shift position (current): 0.06250 mm

Select position (current): 0.06250 mm

Clutch motor current MMT: -30.5 A

Shift motor current MMT: 15.0 A

Select motor current MMT: 14.0 A

Gear position (current): 255

Gear position (target): 250

Shift level position judge: M

Clutch touch position: 0.250 mm

Clutch clamp position: 38.509 mm

Neutral gear position (shift): 19.08594 mm

Neutral gear position (select): 25.71094 mm

1st gear position (shift): 9.00781 mm

1st gear position (select): 17.90234 mm

2nd gear position (shift): 29.16797 mm

2nd gear position (select): 17.90234 mm

3rd gear position (shift): 8.88281 mm

3rd gear position (select): 25.71094 mm

4th gear position (shift): 29.09375 mm

4th gear position (select): 25.71094 mm

5th gear position (shift): 9.08203 mm

5th gear position (select): 31.99951 mm

Reverse gear position (shift): 29.99219 mm

Reverse gear position (select): 31.99951 mm

Cold condition judgment: -89 °C

Shift lever switch signal 1: Open

Shift lever switch signal 2: Open

Shift lever switch signal 3: Open

Shift lever switch signal 4: GND

Shift lever switch signal 5: Open

Shift lever check signal 1: Open

Shift lever check signal 2: Open

Shift lever check signal 3: GND

T/M reverse switch signal: Open

Steering switch signal up: GND

Steering switch signal down: GND

Ignition signal: +B

Brake pedal switch 1: Open

Brake pedal switch 2: GND

Number of DTC: 255

STP switch: Off

STA switch: On

Learn-clutch stop point: Not execution

Learning T/M: Not execution

Learn-cluch standby point: Not execution

Possibility of T/M uplock: Yes

Mode changes: 85

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Clutch adjust count

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