Car, TOYOTA, GT-86, Electronic controlled automatic transmission (ECT)

Transaxle - Electronic controlled automatic transmission (ECT) - 0


Model: GRX12#

Engine type: A750#

Number of cylinders: 6

Vehicle transmission type: ECT 5th

Destination code: @

Year: 2006

System: Gasoline

Calibration ID: 52219000


P0001: Unknown DTC

P0002: Unknown DTC

P0003: Unknown DTC

P0004: Unknown DTC

P0005: Fuel cut-off valve "A" control - circuit open

P0006: Fuel shutoff valve control - circuit low voltage

P0007: Fuel shut-Off valve a control - circuit high voltage

P0008: Unknown DTC

P0009: Unknown DTC

P000A: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Check mode

Data stream

Number of emission DTC: 0

Check engine telltale: Off

Calculated load value: 31.8 %

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 215 °C

Engine speed: 705 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: 0 km/h

Throttle position sensor: 100.0 %

OBD requirements: Not available

Time since engine start: 65535 sec

Actuators test



ECU learn reset