Car, TOYOTA, FORTUNER, Navigation module (NAVI)

Multimedia - Navigation module (NAVI) - 0


B1570: Unknown DTC

B1571: Unknown DTC

B1572: Unknown DTC

B1573: Disconnect/Short in telephone antenna circuit

B1574: GVIF disconnected (from park assist monitoring ECU to EMVIMM integrated device)

B1575: GVIF disconnected (from EMVIMM integrated device to multi display)

B1576: GVIF disconnected (from any device to RSE)

B1577: GVIF disconnected (from RSE to EMVIMM integrated device)

B1578: DEC microphone disconnected

B1579: voice recognition microphone disconnected

B157A: Steering wheel switch disconnected

B157B: Digital TV antenna 3 disconnected

B157C: Digital TV antenna 4 disconnected

B157D: DAB (Digital audio broadcasting) antenna disconnected

B157E: Bluetooth antenna disconnected

B157F: GVIF disconnected (from panoramic view monitor to multi Display/AVN)

B1580: Camera screen image malfunction

B1581: Remote control device initializing malfunction

B1582: Map disk reading malfunction

B1583: Unknown DTC

B1584: Panel switch malfunction

B1585: USB device malfunction

B1586: Unknown DTC

B1587: Unknown DTC

B1588: Unknown DTC

B1589: Unknown DTC


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