Car, JAC, J3 (Turin), Bosch 9 (ABS)

Brake system - Bosch 9 (ABS) - 0


System: FC2

BB number: 41 42 53

Software version: 04 48 73 55

Vehicle name: 5353eSTC06

System supplier part number: 34 33 36 37 38

Customer specific part number: 9ABCDEQRSTUVBD


C0032 [0]: Left front wheel speed sensor - circuit open


Clear DTC

Data stream

Filling-in status of the hydraulic block: Unknown

EOL test status: Unknown

Left front wheel speed sensor: 11.0 km/h

Right front wheel speed sensor: 12.0 km/h

Left rear wheel speed sensor: 10.0 km/h

Right rear wheel speed sensor: 9.0 km/h

Vehicle speed sensor: 14.4 km/h

Left rear inlet solenoid valve: Off

Left front inlet solenoid valve: On

Left rear outlet solenoid valve: On

Left front outlet solenoid valve: On

Right rear inlet solenoid valve: On

Right front inlet solenoid valve: On

Right rear outlet solenoid valve: Off

Right front outlet solenoid valve: On

ABS pump motor: Off

Brake light: On

Battery voltage: 16.00 V

Actuators test


ABS pump motor

Speed limit

ABS valve relay

Left front inlet solenoid valve

Right front inlet solenoid valve

Left rear inlet solenoid valve

Right rear inlet solenoid valve

Left front outlet solenoid valve

Right front outlet solenoid valve

Left rear outlet solenoid valve

Right rear outlet solenoid valve