Car, JAC, S4, Multi-functional front camera (MFC)

Multimedia - Multi-functional front camera (MFC) - 0


Active diagnostic session: Default mode

Vehicle manufacturer spare part number: B123456789AB

Vehicle manufacturer ECU software number: --

Vehicle manufacturer ECU software version number: --

System identification: C123334

VIN no: Z8PFFEA5XEA069212

Supplier ECU hardware number: --

Hardware version number: --

System ECU software number: --

ECU software version number: --

Engine type: FD23445

ECU installation date: 47313233

Vehicle equipment code: 4831323334353637383941423444454647484951



Clear DTC

Data stream

Calibration identification: --

Calibration part number: --

Blindness reason: foggy spots: --

Blindness reason: frozen windshield: --

Blindness reason: full blockage: --

Blindness reason: partial blockage: --

Blindness reason: smeared spots: --

Blindness reason: low sun: --

Blindness reason: blur: --

Blindness reason: road spray: --

Blindness reason: sun ray: --

Blindness reason: selfglare: --

Camera EOL calibration: --

EOL calibration error cause: --

Camera yaw calibration result: --

Camera horizon calibration result: --

Camera roll calibration result: --

Autofix-Yaw: --

Autofix-Horizon: --

Distance from camera to the left wheel outer edge: -- m

Distance from camera to the right wheel outer edge: -- m

Distance from camera to target: -- m

Camera height: -- m

Height of left target center from ground: -- m

Height of right target center from ground: -- m

Distance of left target center from the center of car: -- m

Distance of right target center from the center of car: -- m

Single square size, not the whole target: -- m

FCW status: --

LDW status: --

Image processor: -- °C

Supplier chip tracking number: --

Supply voltage: -- V

Odometer: -- km

Vehicle speed: -- km/h

Image processing unit running status: --

Image processing: --

Hardwired switch backlight: --

Hardwired switch: --

FCW driver selected sensitivity level: --

LDW driver selected sensitivity level: --

FCW switch: --

LDW switch: --