S8W - Diesel (INJ) - 0


Supplier: Bosch

ECU type: Motronic 4.4.2

Version number: 04

System calibration number: 02

MPR reference: 119 0 16 22 153


10D: Engine coolant temperature (ECT) warning light - circuit open or short to ground

2D: Immobilizer code not entered

3D: O2 sensor


Clear DTC

Data stream

Flywheel signal: Active

Battery voltage: 7.82 V

Vehicle speed sensor: 116 km/h

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 16 °C

Target idle speed: 640 rpm

Mass air flow sensor: 230.4 kg/h

Accelerator pedal position sensor 1 learned released position: 37.0 mV

Throttle position sensor measured value: -5.0 °

Accelerator pedal position sensor 1 learned applied position: 42.0 mV

Idle RCO adaptive: -36.2 kg/h

Idle regulation valve opening: 301.3 %

Canister bleed solenoid valve RCO: 99.0 %

Image of engine torque: 192

Power absorbed by the A/C compressor: 59.2 daW

Exhaust gas temperature: 432.0 °C

Injection time bank 1: 37.3 ms

Ignition angle: 14.3 °

O2 sensor 1, bank 1: 0.29 V

Richness correction: 87

Air conditioner: Present

Vehicle transmission type: M/T

P/N switch: Not active

Fuel consumption: 239.0 L/h

A/C command: Not active

Accelerated idle: Not active

Heated windscreen: Not active

Throttle position sensor: No load

Torque reduction: Active

+12v after ignition: Active

Idle rpm control: Not active

Immobilizer: Not active

Richness regulation: Not active

A/C authorisation: Not active

Cooling fan high speed: Not active

Cooling fan low speed: Not active

Fuel pump relay command: Not active

Check engine telltale: Active

Engine coolant temperature telltale: Not active

O2 sensor heating: Not active

Engine speed: 960.0 rpm

Knock signal cylinder 1: 312.5 mV

Knock signal cylinder 2: 312.5 mV

Knock signal cylinder 3: 312.5 mV

Knock signal cylinder 4: 312.5 mV

Knock signal cylinder 5: 312.5 mV

Actuators test


Fuel pump

A/C relay

Idle regulation valve

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve

Check engine telltale

Coolant temperature telltale

Cooling fan low speed

Cooling fan high speed



ECU learn reset