K4M - Petrol (INJ) - 0


Electronic version: 82 00 04 44 37

Program number: 00 E1

Software version: 80 00

Calibration number: 2B 01

MPR reference: 77 00 11 35 02

Diagnostic version: 08

Supplier: 001

VIN no: UU1LSD4GH38533072


DF360: Idle regulation - circuit open

DF360: Idle regulation - circuit short to battery

DF360: Idle regulation - circuit short to ground


Clear DTC

Data stream

MAP sensor: 884.1 mbar

Throttle position sensor measured value: 60

O2 sensor 1, bank 1: 2.430 V

O2 sensor 2, bank 1: 1.103 V

Engine coolant temperature sensor: -6.2 °C

Intake air temperature sensor: -12.5 °C

Battery voltage: 10.15 V

Average knock signal: 109

Engine torque: 38.0 N·m

Computer + after ignition: Off

Heated windscreen switches: Off

Throttle position sensor: Load

A/C command: Off

Accelerated idle: No

Brake pedal switch: Off

P/N switch: No

Torque reduction: No

Cylinder 1 recognition: Complete

Double richness loop : Off

Idle rpm control: Off

Richness regulation: Off

Flywheel signal with engine running: On

Immobilizer code programmed: No

Immobilizer: Off

Engine speed: 9690 rpm

Power absorbed by the A/C compressor: 520.0 W

A/C pressure sensor: 25.6 bar

Actuator relay control: Off

Check engine telltale: Off

Cooling fan high speed: Off

Cooling fan low speed: On

Engine coolant temperature telltale (Hot): Off

Fuel pump relay: On

Canister purge state: On

Gear change warning light: Off

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 heater: Off

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 heater: Off

A/C compressor: Off

Camshaft offset control: Off

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve: 78.0 %

Idle speed actuator: 6.3 %

Target idle speed: 780 rpm

Number of active thermoplungers: 89 N

Vehicle speed sensor: 20 km/h

No load position programming value: 71

Barometric pressure sensor: 665.7 mbar

Knock retard angle: 39.2 °

Richness correction value: 209

Idle richness adaptive: 47

Operating richness adaptive: 19

Injection time bank 1: 0.2 ms

Ignition angle: 19.0 °

Idle speed adaptation: 39.8 %

Misfire: 14.5 %

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 heater: 85 Ohm

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 heater: 27 Ohm

Misfire monitoring: Yes

Sensor fault finding accounted: On

Current misfire, cylinder 1: Yes

Current misfire, cylinder 2: Yes

Current misfire, cylinder 3: Yes

Current misfire, cylinder 4: Yes

Sensor fault finding done: Yes


Air conditioner: Not present

Heated windscreen: Not present

Camshaft offset control: Not present

Check engine telltale: Not present

Fan control, engine running : Not present

O2 sensor 2, bank 1: Not present

Vehicle transmission type: M/T

Fixed displacement compressor: Not present

O2 sensor 1, bank 1: 3 wire

Pencil type ignition coil : Not present

Reduced flow fuel pump: Not present

AC cold loop in the injection: Not present

"DF" terminal: Not present

Gear change warning light: Not present

Gear change warning light: Not present

Passenger compartment heating resistor: Not present

Stop light switch normally open contact: Not present

Thermoplunger management: Not present

Vehicle connection via the CAN: Not present

Immobilizer: Type 2

Vehicle speed connection type: Wire

Actuators test


Coolant temperature telltale

Fuel pump relay

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 heater

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 heater

Idle speed actuator

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve

Cooling fan low speed

Cooling fan high speed

Camshaft offset

A/C relay

Check engine telltale



Write VIN

ECU Reset

Idle regulation adaptive

Injection time programming

Torque sensor learning