Car, RENAULT, MEGANE , SCENIC, Gas control module (NJG)

Engine - Gas control module (NJG) - 0


Electronic version: 82 00 08 02 85

Program number: 00 A8

Software version: 80 00

Calibration number: 01 03

MPR reference: 82 00 14 86 60

Diagnostic version: 04

Supplier: 001

VIN no: VF1JA050525549853



Clear DTC

Data stream

MAP sensor: 103 mbar

LPG pressure: 103 mbar

Engine speed: 0 rpm

Air temperature sensor: -40 °C

Engine coolant temperature sensor: -40 °C

Gas temperature: -40 °C

Gas switch: Not active

Fuel pump cut-off control: Not active

LED output: Not active

LPG main solenoid valve: Not active

Power supply relay: Not active

Waiting to switch from LPG to petrol : Not active

Waiting to switch from petrol to LPG: Not active

Warning light output: Not active

Empty tank forced petrol mode: No

Forced LPG mode: No

Forced petrol mode, gas fault: No

Forced petrol mode: No

Gas mode: No

Gas to petrol transition: No

Petrol mode: No

Petrol to gas transition: No

Gas system fault: No

Gas system ready: No

LPG mode requester by driver: Not active

Actuators test


LPG power relay

Fuel gauge relay

LPG indicator



Write VIN