Car, MERCEDES, SMART 451 elektro Phase 2, Automatic air conditioning (AAC)

Climate control - Automatic air conditioning (AAC) - 0


MB number for hardware: 0034462040

Diagnostic version: 130.3

Hardware number: 00.00

Software number: 06.40

Supplier: Bosch

Diagnostic version: 82 03

VIN no (original): 12345678987654321

VIN no: 98765432101234567


B1010: Evaporator temperature sensor - circuit short to ground


Clear DTC

Data stream

Blower voltage: 13 V

Battery voltage: 4.1 V

A/C refrigerant pressure sensor: 23 V

Outside air temperature: 72 °C

Interior temperature: -2828 °C

Evaporator temperature specified value: 65 °C

Evaporator temperature: 59 °C

Set value: temperature rotary switch: 3716 °C

Outside air temperature sensor: 28 °C

Refrigerant pressure (High pressure): 57.00 bar

Shutoff condition for air conditioner compressor: Vacuum

Time since compressor start: 145 sec

Fan request from A/C: 100.0

Vehicle speed sensor: 129 km/h

Set value: air distribution rotary switch: 10385 °

LED dimming: 24 %

VIN no (original): 12345678987654321

VIN no: 98765432101234567

Status of VIN originally stored in control unit: Not interlocked

Function illumination: 12 %

Actuators test


Function lighting