Car, MERCEDES, SMART 451 elektro Phase 2, Powertrain control unit (PTCU)

Engine - Powertrain control unit (PTCU) - 0


Diagnostic version: 02 27 11

Boot software number: 0.0.0

Hardware version: 0.0.0

Software version: 0.0.0

Software version 1: 0.0.0

Software version 2: 0.0.0

Supplier: --

Hardware part number:

Software part number (customer): --

Software part number (code): --

Software part number (data): --

Serial number: --

VIN stored:


P045B71: Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) "B" control - actuator stuck


Clear DTC

Data stream

Battery voltage: 0.00 V

Circuit 15: Off

Circuit 87: Off

High-voltage battery charge level: -- %

Reading of main odometer: 0 km

Accelerator pedal position: -- %

Battery sensor voltage: -- V

Battery current sensor: -- mA

Battery temperature sensor: -- °C

VIN no: --

Release selector lever: --

Actuators test


Electric drive and high-voltage charger coolant pump

Vacuum pump brake booster

Coolant fan motor

Powerplant coolant pump switchover valve

12V PTC heater booster relay

Release selector lever

Relay for power supply of blower for vehicle interior

Relay for controlling blower for vehicle interior