Car, CHERY, (A13A) VERY, Bosch ME7.9.7 (ECM)

Engine - Bosch ME7.9.7 (ECM) - 0


VIN no: 23456789@ABCDEFGH

Vehicle manufacturer ECU hardware number: 03605010 HA

System supplier ECU hardware number: BOS 01000261B07808

ECU software version number: 005S180823

ECU software version: 4626

Type approval number: 3689BCDH

Engine type: I480EJ

Repairshop or tester serial number: 12345678@A

Programming date: 42 43 44 45

Calibration repairshop or tester serial number :: 13878

Calibration programm date: 23456789

Software calibration number (SCN): @ABCDEFGHI

Vehicle manufacture date: F01R00D634


P0015: Camshaft position "B" - timing over-retarded bank 1

P1111: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Number of DTC: 255

Immobilizer is in initial state: Yes

No freestart counts left: Yes

Challange response without engine author: Yes

Immobilizer failed: Yes

Security grade:

Security code programmed: Programmed

Security code correct entered: Correct

Security code lock up function active: Active

Security code status:

Cooling fan relay 1: On

Cooling fan relay 2: On

Cooling fan PWM: On

Idle speed: Reached

Terminal 15 (ignition): Yes

Power supply relay: Yes

Normal engine operating temperature: Reached

Fuel pump relay: Yes

Vehicle speed pulse: Yes

Starter relay: Yes

Power enrichment: Yes

Throttle position at idle position: Yes

Throttle wide open position: Yes

Deceleration fuel cut-off: Yes

Catalyst protection enrichment B1: On

Lambda control: On

EGR system: On

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve: On

Deceleration fuel cut-off: On

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 heater: On

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 rich: Yes

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 heater: On

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 lean: Yes

Accelerator pedal position at idle position: Yes

Electrical load 1: Yes

Electrical load 2: Yes

Service vehicle soon telltale: Yes

Check engine telltale: On

Service vehicle soon (SVS) flash: Yes

Check engine telltale flash: On

Service vehicle soon (SVS) fault: Yes

Throttle position unknown or error: Yes

Electronic throttle control (ETC) motor power supply fault: Yes

A/C relay: On

Idle speed up due to A/C on: Yes

A/C request: Yes

A/C cut-off due to full load (no delay): Yes

A/C compressor relay: On

Battery voltage: 9.60 V

Engine speed: 0.0 rpm

Target idle speed without compensation: 850 rpm

Target idle speed with compensation: 850 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: 0 km/h

Acceleration sensor: 29.4 m/s²

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 1.67 V

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 96 °C

Intake air temperature sensor: 2.67 V

Intake air temperature sensor: 45 °C

Outside air temperature: 96 °C

A/C evaporator temperature sensor: 1.33 V

Intake manifold model air mass flow filtered value: 462.6 kg/h

MAP sensor: 0.35 V

Mass air flow sensor: 2.67 V

Mass air flow sensor: 462.6 kg/h

MAP sensor: 34.7 kg/h

Accelerator pedal position sensor 1: 2.67 V

Accelerator pedal position sensor 2: 2.67 V

Throttle position sensor 1: 2.67 V

Throttle position sensor 2: 2.67 V

Target throttle position: 53.3 %

Throttle position sensor: 53.3 %

Throttle position PWM servo signal: 33.3 %

Injection time bank 1: 13.6 ms

Ignition dwell time: 13.6 ms

Ignition angle: 68.0 °

Fuel consumption: 75.0 L/h

Knock sensor 1: 682.67 V

Knock sensor 2: 597.33 V

Knock retard angle cylinder 1: 102.0 °

Knock retard angle cylinder 2: 102.0 °

Knock retard angle cylinder 3: 102.0 °

Knock retard angle cylinder 4: 102.0 °

Short term fuel trim bank 1: 1.067

O2 sensor 1, bank 1: 2.67 V

O2 sensor 2, bank 1: 2.67 V

Long term fuel trim bank 1: 102.400 %

Mixture adaptive-add: 240.9 %

Engine load: 53.1 %

Idle torque self learn: 107.0 %

Idle torque adaptation: 106.2 %

Canister purge duty cycle: 53.3 %

Relative fuel injection quantity of canister control: -1236.0 %

Canister purge ratio: 0.3 %

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system - canister load: 2380.0

Time since check engine telltale on: 18:12:15

Actuators test


Check engine telltale

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve

Fuel pump relay

Cooling fan relay 1

Cooling fan relay 2

A/C relay

Service vehicle soon telltale

Ignition angle


Idle rpm control



ECU learn reset

ECU Reset

Reset adaptation values