Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, EQUUS (VI), 2010, G 3.8 MPI, Lane Departure Warning System

Lane Departure Warning System - 0


Vehicle code ::
System name:
Calibration programm date: FF FF FF FF
Software version bootloader: FF FF FF FF
ECU software version number: FF FF FF FF
Supplier ECU hardware number: FF FF FF FF
Programming date: FF FF FF FF



Clear DTC

Data stream

Vehicle speed: 255
Speed mode: mph
Warning status of left line: -
Warning status of right line: -
System status: System fail
Haptic warning device operation command: Operate
Vehicle speed status: Exceeded
Status of right turn signal: On
Status of recognization of left line: Yes
Status of recognization of right line: Yes
Status of left turn signal: On
Status of wiper operation:
Image horizontal center position: 255 pixel
Image vertical center position: 255 pixel
Operation set speed: 255
Delay velocity for entering low speed range: 255
Delay time for entering low speed range: 255 sec
Step for left warning point: 255 steps
Step for right warning point: 255 steps
Delay time for wiper off state: 255 sec
Delay time for left-Right turn lamp turn off: 255 sec
Status of calibration procedure execution:



LDWS reference point calibration
LDWS Region Code