Car, HONDA, THAT'S, One push start - Power control unit (PCU)

Keyless - One push start - Power control unit (PCU) - 0


Identifier: 00 07 00 00


B12E5: Incorrect assembly of control unit for electric steering lock equipped vehicle

U0122: PCU (Power Control Unit) lost communication with VSA modulator-control unit (VSA message)


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Data stream

Controlled power status: ACC

Backup voltage: 11.2 V

SMART voltage: 13.7 V

IG1a voltage: 12.7 V

IG1b voltage: 11.9 V

IG2 voltage: 13.7 V

MTR cuf-off 1: 14.9 V

MTR cuf-off 2: 10.2 V

Start stop switch high side: Off

Start stop switch low side: Off

Brake pedal switch: Off

Parking brake switch: On

Electrical steering lock switch "C": Off

SIL clutch switch: Off

Electrical steering lock switch "D": Off

Shift position P: On

Shift position P-Pin: On

Clutch switch: Off

Vehicle speed from CAN: 14 km/h

EAT CAN checksum: Normal

EAT CAN alive counter: Normal

Left front wheel speed (CAN): 31 km/h

Right front wheel speed (CAN): 32 km/h

Left rear wheel speed (CAN): 33 km/h

Right rear wheel speed (CAN): 30 km/h