Car, HONDA, INSPIRE, Smart parking (SPA)

Park pilot - Smart parking (SPA) - 0


Identifier: FFFFFFFFFF


22-02: Steering wheel angle sensor - signal range/performance

22-03: Steering wheel angle sensor AB/Z phase relative failure


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Data stream

5V battery voltage: 4.97 V

Assist start switch: Off

Brake pedal switch: On

Buzzer state: Off

Cancel code: 36

Center position steering angle estimate: 1 °

CL code last but one: 4

CL code latest: 35

CL code previous: 41

Limit ratio of target current at the fade control: 75

Current limit: 7.75 A

Discriminate direction command: PA

Engine speed: 848 rpm

EPS status: Normal

EPS start processing flag: Complete

Steering torque: 0.3 N·m

EPS torque data flag: No Cancel

EPS torque error flag: No Cancel

Idle up command: On

Idle up failure: None

Ignition 1 voltage: 12.50 V

Indicator: Off

Left back parking switch: Off

Left rear wheel speed sensor wheel pulse counter: 356

Left rear wheel speed sensor: 0 km/h

Park assist current (after limit): 1.30 A

Parking assist mode command: PA

Park assist operation start OK: PA

Parallel parking assistance button: Off

Parking assist operation command: PA

Revision steering angle: 3 °

Right back parking switch: Off

Right rear wheel speed sensor wheel pulse counter: 425

Right rear wheel speed sensor: 0 km/h

SCS status: Open

Selected mode: Right parking

Shift position D: Off

Shift position R: Off

Sound level: Level 2

EPS main CPU status: PA

Steering angle with interrupted Z phase: 3 °

Target steering angle: 15 °

Throttle switch: Open

VBU voltage: 12.21 V

Vehicle speed sensor: 0 km/h

Warning lamp: Off

Wheel speed pulse count: 364

Z phase left edge gap: -3 °

Z phase output voltage: 2.44 V

Z phase right edge gap: 4 °

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