Car, HONDA, INSPIRE, High beam support system (HBS)

Body control module - High beam support system (HBS) - 0




B1A06: Camera blocked failure


Clear DTC

Data stream

Headlight: Sensed

Tail lights: Sensed

Lower engine speed limit: On

Village sensed keep: On

Daylight: Detected

Bad weather: Sensed

Cannot detect it with a camera: On

Delay control keep off high beams: On

Type of steering: Left hand

SAE (North America type) mode: On

High beam support system function: On

Dirt of the camera lens indicator: On

High beam control signal: On

Auto dimming mirror switch: On

Auto switch input information (CAN): On

Auto light frame input information (CAN): On

Vehicle speed (CAN input): On

Indicator output (operation icon): On

Warning output (MID): On

Warning output (Icon): On

High switch input information (CAN): On

Low switch input information (CAN): On

Passing switch input information (CAN): On

Actuators test