Car, HONDA, INSPIRE, Multi-view camera system (MVCS)

Body control module - Multi-view camera system (MVCS) - 0




B14A6: Frontview camera signal circuit


Clear DTC


Wheel arch height: 436 mm

Vehicle speed: 0.0 km/h

IG2 voltage: 12.6 V

Battery voltage: 12.4 V

Parking assist inhibit cause: --

EPS parking assist condition: --

Parking assist start error code: --

Parking assist cancel code: --

Parking assist state number:

Route map index:

Parking assist section number:

Direction of parking assist:

Parking assistant:

Idle stop inhibit request:

Parking assist operation request flag:

Steering wheel turn request during stop condition:

Vehicle stop request:

Open door judgment:

P position judgment:

N position judgment:

Reverse judgment:

Forward judgment:

Stop judgment:

Multi view camera or parking assyst mode:

Average of left and right back wheel speed: km/h

EPS steering angle: °

Target steering angle: °

Vehicle angle: °

Vehicle position in Y-axis: mm

Vehicle position in X-axis: mm

Camera supply voltage: V


Rear view camera:

Right side view camera:

Left side view camera:

Front view camera:

Monitor image switch output:

Passenger rear door switch:

Passenger door switch:

Tailgate switch:

Driver rear door switch:

Driver door switch:

Mirror folder switch:

Main switch:

Exclusive steering angle sensor:


Wheel arch height: 436 mm

Steering angle after calibration: 0 °

Steering angle before calibration: 0 °

Vehicle speed: 0.0 km/h

IG2 voltage: 12.6 V

Battery voltage: 12.4 V

Steering wheel angle sensor calibration: Level 1

Steering wheel angle sensor power supply voltage: 4.97 V

LED power supply voltage: 4.43 V

Camera supply voltage: 5.03 V

Right back parking guide: On

Left back parking guide: On

Right parallel parking guide: On

Left parallel parking guide: On

Forecast guide line: On

Target guide line: On

View: No screen

LED output: On

Rear view camera: On

Right side view camera: On

Left side view camera: On

Front view camera: On

Monitor image switch output: On

Steering sensor Z phase: 2.3 V

Passenger rear door switch: Open

Passenger door switch: Open

Tailgate switch: Open

Driver rear door switch: Open

Driver door switch: Open

Mirror folder switch: Closed

Main switch: On

Exclusive steering angle sensor: Equipped

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