Car, BMW, Mini Hatch (R50), Radio (RAD)

Multimedia - Radio (RAD) - 0


Part number basic control module: 86 90 71 1C

Hardware number: 10

Diagnostic index: 16

Code index: 01

Bus index: 10

Manufacture week: 31

Manufacture year: 01

Supplier number: Becker

Software number: 00


3: CD drive: deactivation, overtemperature

4: CD drive: hardware fault

5: CD drive: read error

0x04 [0]: Unknown DTC

0x05 [0]: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Radio: Off

Radio on/off button: Off

Telephone mute: Not active

Radio with DSP: Off

Media AUX adapter: No AUX adapter

GAL - curve: 1

Seek level: 2

Value of traffic-messages-volume: 10

Actuators test


Balance, fader and volume default setting

Left front channel

Right front channel

Left rear channel

Right rear channel

Volume increase

Volume decrease

Ascending station search control

Descending station search control

Audio button

Reduce GAL (Generic Array Logic) value

Increment GAL (Generic Array Logic) value

Decrement minimum traffic-announcement volume

Increment minimum traffic-announcement volume

Adjustment of frequency (88.9MHz)



Edit configuration



Edit configuration