Car, BMW, Mini Hatch (R50), Electronic immobilizer (EWS)

Immobilizer - Electronic immobilizer (EWS) - 0


Part number basic control module: 88 36 22 77

Hardware number: 03

Diagnostic index: 01

Code index: 01

Bus index: 00

Manufacture week: 36

Manufacture year: 95

Supplier number: Kostal

Software number: 01


255: General reset

19: Key no. 1, toleration of random code increased

3: Key no. 0, toleration of random code increased

1: Key 1 not detected


Clear DTC

Data stream

CODE signal from on-board computer: Not active

DME line: On

Engine speed: Not present

EWS control unit: Off

Currently used key: 1

Clutch switch: P/N range

Starter - motor disablement through engine speed: Not active

Starter interlock by selector - level/clutch switch: Not active

Terminal R: On

Key status: Valid

Key password: Correct

Key random code: Correct