Car, AUDI, A4 USA 1995-, 2000 (Y), Avant, APB 2,7l Turbo Motronic , 187kW, 08 - Air conditioner

Climate control - 08 - Air conditioner - 0


Identifier: 4B0820043AM

System: A6-Klimavollautomat 0105

Software coding: 0

Workshop code: 2325


01810 (1810): Right temperature flap motor (V159)

01842 (1842): Potentiometer/Actuator for temperature flap, right (G221)

00532 (0532): Supply voltage

01273 (1273): Fresh air blower (V2)


Clear DTC

Data stream

A/C compressor regulating valve: 0.015 A

A/C compressor regulating valve duty cycle: 0.0 %

A/C high pressure sensor signal: 24.5 %

Refrigerant circuit pressure: 7 Bar/s

Current A/C disengagement: 5

A/C disengagement 1st history: 12

A/C disengagement 2nd history: 11

A/C disengagement 3rd history: 12

Left flap positioning motor: 230

Target left flap positioning motor: 234

Left flap positioning motor heating stop: 31

Left flap positioning motor cooling stop: 230

Right flap positioning motor: 228

Target right flap positioning motor: 231

Right flap positioning motor heating stop: 32

Right flap positioning motor cooling stop: 227

Defroster flap: 112

Target value of defroster flap: 112

Defrost flap lower stop: 28

Defrost flap upper stop: 225

Central air flap: 232

Target value of central air flap: 233

Central air flap lower stop: 22

Central air flap upper stop: 229

Air recirculation flap motor: 226

Target value of air recirculation flap motor: 229

Air recirculation flap motor lower stop: 24

Air recirculation flap motor upper stop: 225

Air flow flap: 231

Target value of air flow flap: 232

Air flow flap lower stop: 20

Air flow flap upper stop: 228

Footwell air outlet temperature: 27.0 °C

Left outlet temperature: 27.0 °C

Right outlet temperature: 27.0 °C

Evaporator temperature sensor: 24.5 °C

Intake air temperature sensor: 27.0 °C

Ambient temperature sensor: 26.0 °C

Calculated ambient temperature: 26.0 °C

A/C dash panel temperature sensor: 27.0 °C

Temperature sensor blower speed: 2760 rpm

Coolant temperature from dash panel: 40.0 °C

Idle speed up due to A/C on: Off

Engine speed: 0 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: 0 km/h

A/C compressor torque: Actual value

A/C compressor torque: 0.0 N·m

Fresh air blower: 2.1 V

Target voltage of fresh air blower: 2.2 V

Terminal 58d dimming: 44.0 %

Terminal 58s dimming: 0.0 %

Radiator fan: 0.0 %

Target value of radiator fan: 0.0 %

Radiator fan speed: 0

Request for recirculated air mode: 0

Air quality sensor: 7

Rear window heater: R. wind. off

Front window heater: Not installed

Additional heater: Off

Additional heater shut-off: 1

Left sun sensor light intensity: 0

Right sun sensor light intensity: 1

Front washer pump switch: Off

Front wiper switch: Off

Terminal 75: 12.4 V

Terminal 15: 12.3 V

Standing time: 00:00

Ignition key: 1

Auxiliary heater: Off

Side lights switch: Off

Protocol data level: 4.02

ECU identification 1: BHB-001 21.08.02 12345678 0002 580376

Base settings


Flap motor adaptation




Actuators test


Actuators test

Manual mode


Data stream

Basic setting