Car, MERCEDES, SMART 451 elektro Phase 2, Signal acquisition and actuation module (SAM)

Body control module - Signal acquisition and actuation module (SAM) - 0


MB number for hardware: 4519017000

Diagnostic version: 0.3

Hardware number: 11.10

Software number: 07.05

Supplier: Siemens-VDO

Diagnostic version: 00 03

VIN no (original): 12345678987654321

VIN no: 98765432101234567


B1430: Engine cooling fan - circuit shorted


Clear DTC

Data stream

Remote control key: --

Key number: A1 00 00 0F

Status 'Learning keys': Started / Routine is not yet completed

Status 'Last fault code of key': Internal fault

Immobilizer: Active

Number of taught-in remote control keys: 255

Waiting time until new key teach-in sequence: 0 sec

VIN no (original): 12345678987654321

VIN no: 98765432101234567

Original VIN writing status: Not interlocked

Low beam: On

Side lamp: On

Left turn signal: On

Right turn signal: On

Rear fog light: On

Interior lamp: On

Two-way radio signal: On

Immobilizer: On

Central locking OPEN: On

Central locking CLOSE: On

Central locking status: On

Passenger door: Open

Driver door: Open

Rear-end door handle switch: On

Contact rear-end door / Rear window: On

Pushbutton foglights: On

Pushbutton hazard warning flasher: On

Pushbutton for rear window defroster: On

Windshield washer pump: On

Front wiper intermittent: On

Front wiper park position: On

Front wiper stage 1: Off

Front wiper stage 2: On

Rear wiper: On

Terminal 15 (ignition): On

Terminal 50 (output, starter actuation): On

Horn: On

Engine fan: On

Main beam: On

Hazard warning lights: Off

Terminal 30: 3 V

Side lamp: Off

Low beam: Off

Left turn signal lamp: Off

Right turn signal lamp: On

Ambiance lighting cockpit: On

Ambiance lighting footwell lighting: Off

Horn: Off

Central locking LOCKED: Off

Central locking UNLOCKED: Off

Front wiper stage 1: Off

Rear wiper: Off

Rear defroster relay: Off

Pushbutton foglights: Off

Central locking button: Open

Rear window: Not actuated

Rear-end door: Not actuated

Actuators test


Standing lamps

Low beam

High beam

Left turn signal

Right turn signal

Interior lamp

Ambiance lighting cockpit

Ambiance lighting footwell lighting

Engine fan

Fanfare horns

Central locking

Wiper motor at stage 1

Wiper in park position

Rear wiper

Rear defroster relay

Rear window heater button

Hazard warning lights button

Front fog lamps switch

Inside lock Central locking switch

Rear window

Rear-end door



Edit configuration