Car, LANCIA, YPSILON (843), Marelli instrument panel

Instrument - Marelli instrument panel - 0


Hardware number: 0261201687

Software number: 1037390452

Programming date: 20 07 10 03

Homologation code:

Marking FIAT: 51805023

ISO code: 32 83 54 8A 68


B1008: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Transport mode: Low

Odometer: 5637375 km

Battery voltage: 30.40 V

Fuel level: 66 %

Engine coolant temperature sensor: 65240 °C

Engine speed: 0 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: 183 km/h

Parking brake status: Released

Side marker lights: Off

Heated rear window: Off

Inertia switch: Stop

Alternator status: Not recharging

Transponder communicate: C-CAN

Immobilizer coded by: Virgin

Code from engine ECU: Not received

Engine ECU status: Programmed

Number of enabled keys: 0

Number of disabled keys: 0

Last used key: 0

ID of last used key: 00 00 33 44

Service counter: 255

Service interval: 58500 km

Service period: 1275 days

Total time till next service: 65535 days

Driving distance till next service: 65535 km

Oil change counter: 255

Actuators test


Charge telltale

Oil pressure telltale

Check engine telltale

Immobilizer telltale

ABS telltale

Front fog telltale

Seatbelt indicator


Dimmed illumination

Parking brake telltale


Airbag telltale

Generic Warning telltale

Door open telltale

Engine coolant temperature telltale


Front interior light

Heated rear window

Relay lock driver door



Service interval reset

Reset oil change