Body control module - BCM - 0


Hardware number: BC250A.000

Software number: 0344002020

Programming date: 20 07 05 24

Homologation code: 00008

Marking FIAT: 1358239080

ISO code: 40 83 61 89 02


B100A: Unknown DTC

B1009: Unknown DTC

B1016: Unknown DTC

U1701: Unknown DTC

U1600: Unknown DTC

B1003: Unknown DTC

U1706: Unknown DTC

B1004: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Brake fluid level: Normal

Brake lights: Off

Left front door status: Open

Right front door status: Open

Left rear door status: Closed

Right rear door status: Closed

Bonnet: Closed

Tailgate / boot lid: Closed

Low beam: On

High beam: On

Fog light switch: On

Rear fog light switch: Off

Reverse light: On

Hazard warning lights button: On

Left turn signal: Off

Right turn signal: On

Headlight washers: On

Ignition key: On

Security alarm mode: Rest of World

Transponder communicate: Serial line

Code from engine ECU: Not active

Immobilizer coded by: Spare parts

Immobilizer status: Programmed

Code from engine ECU: Not received

Engine ECU status: Virgin

Number of enabled keys: 174

Number erased transponder keys: 171

Number of last key: 41

Key or key track last used: 11 22 33 44

Number of remotes currently registred: 210

Last used remote control: 84

ID of last used remote control: 11 22 33 44

Remote control battery: Not Ok

Remote control buttons: Released

Actuators test


Right turn signal

Left turn signal

Low beam

High beam

Hazard warning lights telltale

Headlight washers

Fog lights

Rear fog lights

Side lights left

Side lights right

Alarm system activation

Heated rear window

Central door lock

Central door unlock

Rear room light

Front room light

Auxiliary heater relay

Left brake light

Right brake light