Car, LANCIA, LYBRA (839), Bosch XENON headlamp (left)

Headlamp leveling - Bosch XENON headlamp (left) - 0


Marking FIAT: --

Hardware number: --

Hardware version number: FF

Software number: --

Software version: 44 55

Homologation code: 667788

Programming date: 25 01 20 18

VIN no: --

ISO code: C1 07 02 19 38


P1608: Unknown DTC

B0822: Unknown DTC

U0A12: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Vehicle speed sensor: 255 km/h

Battery voltage: 11.4 V

Ignition voltage: 19 V

Xenon lamp voltage: 255 V

Headlight beam adjustment stepper motor position: 32768

Front leveling position sensor signal: 3.06 V

Rear leveling position sensor signal: 5.10 V

Front body height sensor calibration voltage: 3.78 V

Rear body height sensor(s) calibration voltage: 3.74 V

System calibration: Not performed

Actuators test


Drive the leveling motor down

Drive the leveling motor middle

Drive the leveling motor up



Headlights adjustment learning