Car, INFINITI, QX56 , QX80 (Z62), 2012-, Middle and Near East , Korea, Automatic driver positioner

Automatic driver positioner - 0


Part number: 28565-1LA0A
Diagnostic ID: 13
Supplier number: 44 04 02
Hardware number: 01 00 00 42 16
Software number: C3 00
Edition number: 32 01
Calibration number: 00 00
VIN no: VF1JZ14B647214738
Manufacturer identification code reprogramming: 1
Supplier number reprogramming: 1LA
CRC value: 31 4C
Number of reprogramming: 01


B2112: Seat slide


Clear DTC

Data stream

Starter switch: Off
Set switch: Off
Memory 1 switch: Off
Memory 2 switch: Off
Detent switch: Off
Slide switch (forward): Off
Slide switch (backward): Off
Reclining switch (forward): Off
Reclining switch (backward): Off
Front lift up switch: Off
Front lift down switch: Off
Rear lift up switch: Off
Rear lift down switch: Off
Slide pulse: 0
Reclining pulse: 0
Front lift pulse: 0
Rear lift pulse: 0
Vehicle speed: 0.00 km/h
Parking brake switch (from CAN): Off
Reverse switch (CAN): Off
Left front door switch: Close
Right front door switch: Close
Ignition switch: Off
ACC on switch: Off
Key switch: Off
Keyless driver unlock: Off
Keyless ID:
Vehicle speed from ABS: Not received
Handle position: Unknown
Transmission: Unknown
Initialization status: Done
User 1 registration: Yet
User 2 registration: Yet
User 3 registration: Yet
User 4 registration: Yet
Login: User 1
User 1 switch: On
User 2 switch: On
User 3 switch: On
User 4 switch: On
Login user change: Prohibited
Key link function: Off
Key number:
Key 1: No reg
Key 2: No reg
Key 3: No reg
Key 4: No reg
Login user setting 1: Off
Login user setting 2: Off
Login user setting copy status: On

CAN diagnostic support monitor

Bus off diagnostic: 83
Transmit diag: 0
ECM: 0
Instrument: 0
TCM: 0
IPDM E/R: 255

Actuators test


Memory switch indicator
Left mirror
Right mirror
Front seat lifter
Rear seat lifter
Seat slide operation
Telescopic operation
Tilt operation
Seat reclining



Seat slide assist
Tilt steering column assist
Seat slide volume set