Car, INFINITI, Q30, QX30 (H15), 2019-, NAM, BCM

BCM - 0


Diagnostic version: E6 01
Hardware version: 2709010900
Software version: 2709040100
Hardware version: 12.12.0
Software date: 11.25.0
Boot software number: 11.25.0
Supplier: Bosch
Soft supplier information reading: PC
VIN no: WDD1760421J048067
VIN no (original): WDD1760421J048067


B108A: Seat heaters common circuit


Clear DTC

Data stream

Sunroof/Sunshade switch:
Rear left: Not ready
Rear right: Not ready
Circuit 15: Deactivated
Symbol illumination: 0.00 A
Washer fluid level: Ok
Brake fluid level: Ok
Front brake linings: Not detected
Fuel filler flap: Closed
Left parking lamp: Not detected
Right parking lamp: Not detected
Night view assist button: Not detected
Battery: 0.000 V
Battery: -2000000 mA
Trunk lamp: Off
Foot lamp: Off
Trunk lamp: 0.00 A
Foot lamp: 0.00 A
Headlamp washer pump: 0.00 A
Horn relay: Deactivated
Center brake lamp: Off
Low beam right: Off
Stop lamp: Not actuated
Circuit 30g relay: Closed
Circuit 30g relay: 0
Electrical charge throughput: 0.000 Ah
Battery: -40.000 °C
Automatic light switch: Off
Interior illumination: Day
Low beam switch: Not active
Rain sensor: Not active
Light sensor: Coded
Light sensor: 0
Terminal 30: 0.000 V

Actuators test


Activate demo mode of exterior lamp
Ambiance illumination rear door
Centre brake light
Door handle illumination rear doors
Engine compartment fuse and relay module
Foot Lamp
Front fog lamps
Front turn signal
Headlight cleaning system pump
Door courtesy light
Left rear lamp unit
Right rear lamp unit
Mirror lamps of sun visors
Front reading lamp
Rear lamps
Reset frequency counter
Running board courtesy light
Side-marker lamps
Front wiper
Back-up lamp
Circuit 30g relay
Confirmation of battery change
Daytime running light
Interior lamp
Left front lamp unit
Left rear fog lamp
Left rear lamp unit
Left rear power window
License plate lamp
Liftgate central locking motor
Rear doors
Rear fuse box
Right front lamp unit
Right rear lamp unit
Right rear power window
Spray nozzle hose heater
Symbol illumination
Tank cap central locking actuator
Trunk lamp
Windshield washer system pump



Decoupling relay replacement
ECO start/stop function additional battery