Car, INFINITI, Q30, QX30 (H15), 2019-, NAM, Steering column cont module

Steering column cont module - 0


Diagnostic version: 05 00
Hardware version: 2709010900
Software version: 2709040100
Hardware version: 12.12.0
Software date: 11.25.0
Boot software number: 11.25.0
Supplier: Bosch
Soft supplier information reading: C3
VIN no: WDD1760421J048067
VIN no (original): WDD1760421J048067


B1504: Left multifunction switches in steering wheel


Clear DTC

Data stream

Current limitation: 0 A
Distronic control: 0
Steering angle: -819.2 °
Steering wheel angle sensor status: No
Steering angle sensor internal fault: No
High beam status: Not actuated
Front wiper: Not actuated
Front washer switch: Not actuated
Rear wiper: Not actuated
Indicator signal: Not actuated
Heated steering wheel switch: Not actuated
Switch for steering column adjustment: Not actuated
Cruise control function:
Up switch: Not actuated
Down switch: Not actuated
Right button: Not actuated
Left button: Not actuated
Volume "+" button: Not actuated
Volume "-" button: Not actuated
"Accept phone call" button: Not actuated
"Terminate phone call" button: Not actuated
Voice control system ON button: Not actuated
Repeat key: Not actuated
Mute button: Not actuated
Ok button: Not actuated
Left horn button and right horn button: Not actuated
Downshift steering wheel gearshift button and steering wheel upshift button: Not actuated
Gear position: Not actuated
Supply voltage: 0.0 V
Cruise control/speed limiter: Not installed
Cruise control: Not installed
Heated steering wheel: Not installed
Rear window wiper: Not installed
Lane departure warning: Not installed
Steering column adjustment: Not installed
Shift by wire: Not installed
ICC: Not installed

Actuators test