Car, INFINITI, Q30, QX30 (H15), 2019-, NAM, Steering

Steering - 0


Diagnostic version: 00 04
Hardware version: 2709010900
Software version: 2709040100
Hardware version: 12.12.0
Software date: 11.25.0
Boot software number: 11.25.0
Supplier: Bosch
Soft supplier information reading: C3
VIN no: WDD1760421J048067
VIN no (original): WDD1760421J048067


B1692: Output 'Circuit 58d' - malfunction


Clear DTC

Data stream

ECU power supply: 0.00 V
Button P in position 1: Off
Button P in position 2: Off
Actual gear:
Last value of main odometer reading: 0 km
Light sensor signal (CAN): Day
Brightness value of switch and controls illumination: 0 %
Battery voltage: 0.00 V
Selector lever position: N/P/S/D
Gear lever indicator in position D: Off
Gear lever indicator in position N: Off
Gear lever indicator in position R: Off
Gear lever indicator in position P: Off
Switch and controls illumination: Off
Number of programming attempts: 0
Max. number of reprogramming attempts - Counter #0: 0

Actuators test


Function illumination