Car, INFINITI, Q30, QX30 (H15), 2019-, NAM, HVAC

HVAC - 0


Diagnostic version: 16
: 00
Diagnostic variant: 72
Active diagnostic session:
Hardware version: 6494334000
Software version: 237619576R
Hardware version: 237
Software date: 237
Boot software version reading: 237
Supplier number: 23
Soft supplier information reading: 23
VIN no: 5N1AT2MV0EC772836


B1058: Intake door motor


Clear DTC

Data stream

Fan motor: No
Evaporator drying: No
Crash event: No
Engine speed: 0 rpm
Outside temperature: 0.0 °C
Coolant temperature: 0.0 °C
Power supply voltage: 12.500 V
Compressor coupling: Off
Rear windshield heater: Off
Overtemperature: No
Power consumption: 0 A
Battery voltage: 0.00 V
Operating condition: Active
PTC heater booster: No
Ambient temperature: 0.0 °C
Relative air humidity: 0.0 %
PTC heater booster: Not actuated
Not initialized: Not actuated
Data transfer error: Not actuated

Actuators test


Fresh air/recirculated air flap actuator motor
LED of automatic air conditioning control operating unit
Compressor magnetic clutch
Switch of automatic air conditioning control operating unit
Blower regulator
Central air distribution actuator motor
Fan motor
Left blend air flap actuator motor
PTC heater booster
Rear windshield heater
Refrigerant compressor
Right blend air flap actuator motor



Actuator motors learning
Normalization of actuator motors
Breaking-in of refrigerant compressor