Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, G80 (DH), 2017, G 3.3 T-GDI, Body Control

Body Control - 0


Can DB Ver. ::
Vehicle manufacturer spare part number:
Manufacture date: FF FF FF FF
ECU serial number ::
Supplier ECU hardware version:
System ECU software number:
Sirene part number : 95870 -:
Sirene manufacturing date ::
Sirene S/W version ::
Sirene H/W version ::
UIP part number : 957 -: 12345679
UIP manufacturing date ::
UIP S/W version ::
UIP H/W version ::


B165F00: LIN communication error - Blind


Clear DTC

Data stream

Arm/Disarm buzzer setting: On
Head lamp escort: On
Door lock sound: On
Remote open/close setting: On
Horn answer Back(+RK): On
Smartkey welcome: On
Auto lock doors: -
Auto unlock doors: -
2-Turn unlock: On
Triple turn setting: On
RK trunk button function lock: On
One touch triple turn signal: 7 Flashinig
Rear wiper option setting: On
Wiper interlocking HeadLamp setting: On
SMK status: On
Outside mirror auto folding: Invalid
Remote window open: On
Remote window close: On
Welcome mirror or light (enable on door unlock): --
Welcome mirror or light (enable on driver approach): --
PDW-R option setting (BRAZIL): --
RK RX status: --
Number of RK(+RK): --
Battery voltage (ADC): -- V
Wiper INT. input volt: -- V
Automatic light sensor: -- V
NTC sensor: -- V
Light switch Voltage(Voltage Divided): -- V
High beam switch: -- V
Fog lamp switch: -- V
Front wiper switch Voltage(Voltage Divided): -- V
Wiper INT volume Voltage(Voltage Divided): -- V
Rear wiper switch: -- V
Turn signal Switch(Voltage Divided): -- V
ECM mirror voltage: -- V
Heated handle power source: -- V
Rear curtain power source: -- V
ACC input voltage: -- V
Ignition 1 voltage: -- V
Ignition 2 voltage: -- V
Battery voltage monitoring input (B+,RR Curtain): -- V
Battery voltage monitoring input (B+,Power): -- V
I_Sense_Heated handle power: -- V
I_Sense_Curtain RR: -- V
PAS sensor power input: -- V
Turn signal lamp power input: -- V
Static bending lamp power input: -- V
Key in switch: --
ALT L: --
ACC: --
Defogger/Deicer switch: --
Ignition 1: --
Defogger switch: --
Ignition 2: --
Deicer switch: --
Glove box switch: --
Defogger relay: --
Parking brake switch: --
Glove box lamp output: --
Clutch input: --
Security telltale: --
Inhibitor shift position R: --
RPAS off Switch(Option): --
PAS switch/RPAS OFF switch: --
Washer switch: --
RPAS OFF Indicator(Option): --
Wiper intermittent switch: --
PAS/RPAS buzzer output: --
Mist switch: --
Passenger airbag off telltale: --
Wiper stop position switch: --
Headlamp washer switch: --
Front wiper low speed relay: --
Rear washer switch: --
Front wiper high speed relay: --
Rear wiper INT. Switch: --
Rear wiper relay: --
Rear wiper on switch: --
Headlamp washer relay: --
Interior mood lamp output: --
Rear room lamp output: --
Interior lamp autocut relay: --
Tail light switch: --
Room lamp output: --
Automatic light switch: --
Foot lamp output: --
Head lamp switch: --
High beam switch: --
Rear fog light switch: --
Left turn signal switch: --
Hazard warning lights switch: --
Right turn signal switch: --
Tail AV: --
Front fog light switch: --
Tail lamp relay: --
Left tail lamp driver output state: --
Left low beam output: --
Right tail lamp driver output state: --
Right low beam output: --
Interior tail lamp driver output state: --
Left high beam output: --
Automatic light power: --
Right high beam output: --
Right low beam output: --
Right static bending lamp output: --
Left turn signal output: --
Front fog lamp output: --
Right turn signal output: --
Rear fog light relay: --
Left static bending lamp output: --
Defogger telltale: --
Stop light switch: --
D-DRL relay: --
Stop lamp fuse: --
(LED) DRL LH output: --
Puddle lamp output: --
(LED) DRL RH output: --
Luggage compartment lamp: --
Europe cornering lamp left relay output (Option): --
Europe cornering lamp right relay output (Option): --
Rear assist door lock switch: --
Driver door lock switch: --
Central lock door switch: --
Passenger door lock switch: --
Driver door open switch: --
Rear driver door lock switch: --
Passenger door open switch: --
Rear driver door switch: --
External trunk release switch: --
Rear assist door switch: --
Rear driver door actuator position switch: --
Engine hood switch: --
Rear assist door actuator position switch: --
Trunk lid switch (Tail gate switch): --
Driver door unlock relay: --
Central lock door relay: --
MTS remote door unlock: --
Central unlock door relay: --
MTS horn & hazard activity: --
Central door lock indicator: --
MTS hazard act.: --
Trunk/gate release relay: --
MTS B/Alarm event signal output (=MTS Tx): --
Key interlock switch: --
Door key lock switch: --
Key inter lock solenoid output: --
Drive door key unlock switch: --
ATM solenoid: --
Power window door lock switch: --
Trunk key unlock switch: --
Passenger door key unlock switch: --
Power window door unlock switch: --
Rear driver power window down relay: --
Window lifter relay: --
Rear assist power window up relay: --
Safety power window enable: --
Rear assist power window down relay: --
Rear driver power window up relay: --
Rear power window lock output: --
Driver front seatbelt buckle switch: --
Right rear seatbelt buckle switch: --
Passenger front seatbelt buckle switch: --
Rear left seat warmer switch: --
Left rear seatbelt buckle switch: --
Rear right seat warmer switch: --
Center rear seatbelt telltale: --
Passenger seatbelt telltale: --
Rear seatbelt left indicator output: --
Rear seat warmer RH relay: --
Rear seatbelt center indicator output: --
Rear curtain switch: --
Right rear seatbelt telltale output: --
Rear curtain up output: --
Rear seat warmer LH relay: --
Rear curtain down output: --
Deadlock relay: --
Manual HLLD signal output: --
Burglar horn relay: --
External buzzer: --
Horn relay: --
BCM internal buzzer output: --
Navigation wakeup signal output: --
Body load autocut output: --
IOD relay: --
DRL option line: --
Crash signal input: --
NAS option line: --
HID option line: --
Europe option line: --
Rain sensor option line: --
PAS option line: --
Side airbag option line: --
Brake pedal switch: --
Delivery mode switch: --
Sunroof open: --
Crash pad trunk open switch: --
Head lamp switch: --
Smart night view input switch: --
Wiper low speed switch: --
Wiper high speed switch: --
Power tailgate relay: --
Key slot illumination: --
Power tailgate status: --
Sunroof control output: --
PWM control option: --
Tailgate flasher input: --
Mat switch: --
LIN PAS sensor RL: --
LIN PAS sensor RCL: --
Rear pas sensor power: --
LIN PAS sensor RCR: --
LIN PAS sensor RR: --
LIN PAS sensor FL: --
LIN PAS sensor FCL: --
Front pas sensor power: --
LIN PAS sensor FCR: --
LIN PAS sensor FR: --
PAS sensor power input: --
LIN auto low speed request (Option): --
LIN auto panel dim request (Option): --
LIN auto high speed request (Option): --
LIN auto tail light on request (Option): --
LIN rain detected (Option): --
LIN rain sensor optical fault detected (Option): --
LIN auto headlamp on request (Option): --
LIN rain sensor communications fault detected (Option): --
LIN wiper switch mist enabled (Option): --
LIN wiper switch manual high speed enabled (Option): --
LIN wiper switch wash enabled (Option): --
LIN wiper switch manual low speed enabled (Option): --
LIN body controller performing wash wipes (Option): --
LIN wiper motor position signal (Option): --
LIN wiper switch auto (INT) enabled (Option): --
LIN wiper switch communications fault (Option): --
LIN teach in mode: --
LIN wiper switch sensitivity setting (AUTO/INT) (Option): --
LIN teach in Start/Stop: --
LIN power info signal: --
LIN wiper switch INT enabled: --
LIN go to service position: --
LIN low speed wiping: --
Wiper park signal: --
LIN high speed wiping: --
Rear seatbelt reminder sync signal: --
LIN fault in WMM: --
LIN low voltage WMM: --
LIN fault in WMM active: --
LIN low voltage WMM active: --
LIN high voltage WMM: --
LIN overload WMM: --
LIN high voltage WMM active: --
LIN overload WMM active: --
LIN teach in performed: --
LIN wiper active: --
LIN teach in successful: --
LIN wiper in wiping area: --
LIN teach in active: --
LIN depressed wiper parked low: --
LIN fault in WMMSL (Wiper motor module slave): --
LIN fault in WMMSL active: --
Rear seat remind alarm: --
Fault in WMM interface: --
LIN overload WMMSL: --
Fault in WMM interface active: --
LIN overload WMMSL active: --
Sirene arm status: --
UIP off switch: --
Alarm siren status: --
UIP sensor fault: --
Siren low battery: --
UIP tilt fault: --
UIP arm status: --
UIP active status: --
NA DRL active: --
Heated handle output: --
DRL dedicated output: --
Heated handle indicator: --
Front wiper backup switch: --
Mirror folding relay OUTPUT: --
Heated handle switch: --
Mirror unfolding relay OUTPUT: --
Rear sunroof open status: --
3Lh SBR indicator output: --
Assist seat switch: --
3Rh SBR indicator output: --
3Lh seatbelt switch: --
Front washer motor: --
3Rh seatbelt switch: --
Rear washer motor: --
Start inhibit relay output: --
Mirror unfolding switch: --
Brake fluid level switch: --
Mirror folding switch: --
Map lamp output: --
Fuel door open switch: --
Generator "L" signal out: --
Fuel door switch: --
EV charge door switch: --
P_MoodLamp2_OUT: --
EV charge door open relay: --
P_MoodLamp3_OUT: --
EV charge door open lamp output: --
EMS wakeup output: --
P_MoodLamp1_OUT: --
Fuel door open solenoid output: --
High beam switch: --
Light switch Status(Voltage Divided): --
Front wiper switch Status(Voltage Divided): --
Front wiper low B/up(Voltage Divided): --
Fog lamp switch: --
Rear wiper switch: --
Wiper INT volume Status(Voltage Divided): --
Front turn indicator status: --
Left front door lock/unlock switch: --
Right front door lock/unlock switch: --
Left rear door lock knob switch - unlock: --
Turn signal switch Status(Voltage Divided): --
Head lamp low B/up(Voltage Divided): --
Rear right door unlock switch: --
DRL option line (Canada): --
EV front charge door open switch: --
Heated washer nozzle output: --
EV rear charge door open switch: --
Low beam output: --
Power window lock switch: --
High beam output: --
Rear curtain hall sensor input: --
Rear curtain hall sensor state: --
Rear curtain stall detection: --
Rear curtain hall power output: --
Door unlock signal: --
Power mirror position switch: --
Haptic steering wheel output: --
Front window heater: --
Folding mirror output: --
Front window heater relay: --
Wiper relay: --
Mirror unfolding relay OUTPUT: --
BSM off / RVM on switch: --
RVM ON Indicator: --
Assist outside mirror horizontal position sensor voltage: --
Center 3rd row seatbelt buckle switch: --
Center 3rd SBR indicator output: --
Assist outside mirror vertical position sensor voltage: --
Cancel initialization (LIN) (Option): --
Window CMD left front (LIN) (Option): --
Window Enable (LIN) (Option): --
Window CMD right front (LIN) (Option): --
Window CMD left rear (LIN) (Option): --
Window Lock (LIN) (Option): --
Window CMD right rear (LIN) (Option): --
Left rear door switch: --
Right rear door switch: --
Window Central CMD (LIN) (Option): --
Driver door switch: --
Assist door switch (LIN) (Option): --
Vehicle speed (LIN) (Option): -- km/h
Front left window position (LIN) (Option): --
Front left local switch status (LIN) (Option): --
Front left window reverse (LIN) (Option): --
Front left window error (LIN) (Option): --
Front right window master switch (LIN) (Option): --
Front right window position (LIN) (Option): --
Front right window local switch status (LIN) (Option): --
Front right window reverse (LIN) (Option): --
Front right window error (LIN) (Option): --
Front left window master switch (LIN) (Option): --
Rear left window position (LIN) (Option): --
Rear left local switch status (LIN) (Option): --
Rear left window reverse (LIN) (Option): --
Rear left window error (LIN) (Option): --
Rear right window position (LIN) (Option): --
Rear right local switch status (LIN) (Option): --
Rear right window reverse (LIN) (Option): --
Rear right window error (LIN) (Option): --
Left front turn signal: --
Left rear turn signal: --
Right rear turn signal: --
Steering warmer fail mode status: --
Turn signal sound relay: --
Right front turn signal: --
LIN rain sensor ERR_HUM_H/W: --
LIN rain sensor ERR_RAIN_H/W: --
LIN rain sensor overtemperature fault: --
LIN rain sensor ERR_RAIN_CAL: --
LIN rain sensor overvoltage fault: --
LIN rain sensor ERR_CODING: --
LIN rain sensor ERR_LIGHT_H/W: --
LIN rain sensor ERR_SOL_H/W: --
LIN rain sensor communications fault detected: --
LIN rain sensor EERR_WHOLE: --
Sunroof position initialized state: --
Seat belt reminder - left rear buckle switch: --
Seat belt reminder - right rear buckle switch: --

Actuators test


Defogger / Deicer Relay
Glove Box Lamp Output
Security Led Lamp
PAS Buzzer Output (RPAS Buzzer Output)
RPAS Switch Indicator(Option)
PAS Indicator (RPAS Off Indicator)
Wiper relay
Wiper low speed relay
Wiper high speed relay
Rear wiper relay
Headlamp washer relay
Interior Mood Lamp Output (Option)
Tail interior lamp
Interior Lamp Autocut Relay Output(Option)
Auto Light Power
AV tail
Tail lamp output
Low beam output
Head Lamp High Output
Low beam test
Left turn signal
Right turn signal
Front fog lamps relay
Rear fog lamps relay
Room lamp output
Foot lamp output
Rear room lamp output
Left static bending output
Right static bending output
Europe Cornering Lamp Left Relay Output (Option)
Europe Cornering Lamp Right Relay Output (Option)
D_DRL Relay
DRL Relay(Canada)
Puddle lamp output
Stop lamp
Luggage lamp relay
Key Interlock Solenoid(Manual Key Type)
ATM solenoid
Driver door unlock relay
Central Door Lock Relay
Central Door Unlock Relay
Central door lock indicator
Tailgate/Trunk Release Relay
Power window relay (with safety P/WDW enable)
Safety Power Window Enable
Rear power window LH UP relay
Rear driver power window up relay
Rear driver power window down relay
Rear Assist Power Window Up Relay
Rear Assist Power Window Down Relay
RKE tailgate signal output (to PTGM)
All door lock signal output (to PTGM)
Assist Seat Belt Indicator (Option)
Left rear seatbelt telltale
Rear Seat Belt Center Indicator
Rear Seat Belt Right Indicator
Rear Seat Warmer Left(Option)
Rear Seat Warmer Right(Option)
Rear curtain up output
Rear curtain down output
Deadlock relay
Burglar horn relay
Horn relay
Horn Relay (NA)
Navigation wakeup signal output
Manual HLLD signal output
Flasher Sound Relay(Option)
External buzzer output
Internal buzzer
IOD relay
Lamp load power relay
Multimedia load power relay
Sunroof power relay control
Front fog telltale
Rear fog light telltale
Low beam telltale
Head Lamp High Indicator
Tail lamp indicator
Over Speed Warning Indicator
Parking brake indicator lamp
Driver seatbelt indicator
Hazard Relay
Key slot illumination
Start Inhibit Relay
Heated Handle Output
Heated Handle Indicator
Folding mirror relay
Unfolding mirror relay
Map Lamp Output
Generator "L" Signal Out
RVM Swich Indicator
EV Charge Door Open Relay
EV Charge Door Open Lamp Output
Front Washer Motor Output
Rear Washer Motor Output
3Lh SBR Left Indicator
3Rh SBR Center Indicator
Heated Washer Nozzle Output
Defogger Indicator
Turn signal sound relay
Left front turn signal
Left rear turn signal
Right rear turn signal
Right front turn signal
Front window heater relay
Mood Lamp 1 Output
Mood Lamp 2 Output
Mood Lamp 3 Output
Door unlock signal
Wiper relay
Assist Outside Mirror Up
Assist Outside Mirror Down
Assist Outside Mirror Left
Assist Outside Mirror Right
Haptic steering wheel output
Center 3rd row SBR center indicator



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