Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, G80 (DH), 2019, D 2.2 TCI-R, Engine

Engine - 0


RB plan code :: FF FF
CCS name :: FF FF
ECU serial number :: FF FF
Date :: FF FF FF FF FF
SubSystem ECU Software Number ::
Calibration number:
CVN data :: FF FF FF FF
VIN no:
Part number:



Clear DTC

Data stream

Boost pressure sensor: hPa
Accelerator pedal position sensor: 100 %
Fuel rail pressure control valve: 100 %
Mass air flow per cylinder: 1500 mg/hub
Barometric pressure sensor: 3500 hPa
Brake pedal switch 1: On
Blower switch: On
A/C compressor relay: On
Ignition switch: On
Clutch switch (M/T only): On
A/C switch: On
Brake pedal switch 2: On
Gearbox neutral position status signal: On
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor-1 Voltage: 5.000 V
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor-2 Voltage: 5.000 V
Check engine telltale: On
GRU(Glow Relay Unit) control unit: 100 %
Fuel quantity: 100 mm³
Battery voltage: 20.84 V
Vehicle speed: 300 km/h
Cooling fan low speed: 100 %
Cooling fan high speed: On
Fuel pump relay: On
Boost pressure actuator: 100 %
Fuel temperature sensor: 150.000 °C
Camshaft and crankshaft synchronization:
Engine status: Running
PTC heater relay:
Immobilizer telltale:
Fuel pressure set point: hPa
Output of fuel metering unit (MPROP): %
A/C pressure sensor: psi
A/C pressure sensor: V
Raw voltage of exhaust temperature sensor 1 (Upstream of the Oxidation Catalyst) (CPF option): V
Raw voltage of temperature at upstream of the DPF: V
Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) differential pressure sensor raw value: V
O2 sensor 1, bank 1 subtraction: V
Equivalence ratio (lambda) sensor 1, bank 1:
O2 sensor 1, bank 1 temperature: °C
O2 sensor 1, bank 1 heater: %
O2 sensor 1, bank 1 state of adaptation:
Oil level raw value: mm
Oil temperature sensor: °C
Oil level average value: mm
Oil level:
Active operation mode: 4294967295
Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) differential pressure: 32767.000 hPa
Exhaust temperature sensor 1 (CPF option): 1300.000 °C
Exhaust temperature sensor 2 (CPF option): 1300.000 °C
Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) charge state: 255
Total driven distance at last successful regeneration: 4294967.295 km
Driven distance since last successful regeneration: 4294967.295 km
Coverage driven length: km
Calculated load value: 100 %
Raw voltage of boost pressure sensor: 5.000 V
Control deviation of the exhaust-gas recirculation control: 3276 mg/hub
Vehicle acceleration: 64 m/s²
Status of plausibility APP/Brk:
Driver torque lead value of propulsion: N·m
Gear information:
TCU fault status:
OBD status of TCU:
Torque reduction request: %
Current value of frictional torque: %
Engine displacement: L
Engine characteristics status:
Actual engine torque - Crankshaft torque: N·m
Inner torque without transmission interventions: N·m
State of immo presence:
Transmission type:
Nominal value of inner torque: N·m
Cruise control:
Status of TCS request:
Status of MSR request:
Status of ABS request:
Torque reduction request from TCS: %
Torque reduction request from MSR: %
Status of TCS request acknowledgement:
TSC decreasing torque intervention: N·m
Error indication of engine speed sensine:
Indication of fuel cut-off state:
Air mass sensor error indication:
Current value of inner torque: %
Desired value of inner torque: %
Ratio of throttle valve: %
EGR cooler bypass valve: %
Voltage raw value of fuel temperature: V
Glow control lamp output:
Raw value intake air temperature in volt: V
Desired injection quantity (MI1): mm³
Target injection quantity (Pilot 1): mm³
Target injection quantity (Pilot 2): mm³
Target injection quantity (Pilot 3): mm³
Target injection quantity (post 1): mm³
Target injection quantity (post 2): mm³
Injection quantity: mm³
Engine oil temperature: °C
Raw value of rail pressure: V
Engine ON time: sec
Distance since check engine telltale on:
Final stop enable signal: Yes
Final stop request signal: On
Final start enable signal: Yes
Final start request signal: On
Engine coolant temperature sensor: 16947 °C
Barometric pressure sensor: 1275 hPa
Engine speed: 8883.50 rpm
Stop enable by brake booster (less than -350hpa):
Stop enable by safety condition (seat/Door/hood):
Stop enable by battery (SOC/SOF/SOH):
Stop enable by air conditioner:
Stop enable from EMS:
Stop enable from OBD:
Stop enable from SPAS:
Braking system is not operating:
Stop enable by TCU:
Stop enable by HAC:
Accel pedal is pressed:
Vehicle speed: km/h
Brake pedal is surely pressed:
Brake master cylinder pressure: bar
Gear level is D:
Gear level is N:
Stop request signal at gear D:
Stop request signal at gear N:
No ISG related diagnostic error:
ISG system built-in(ISG): Yes
Starter ON signal: Yes
ISG Status(ISG): On
Starter request by key: Yes
AMS stop reason - blower max switch (AMS): Yes
Clutch is pushed more than 40%: Yes
Gear is on neutral position: Yes
Idle stop request by drivers demand(ISG): Yes
Driver`s Seat Belt: Unbelted
Driver door: Open
Engine hood switch: Open
Battery current (AMS): 1.80 A
Battery voltage (AMS): 8.550 V
Battery temperature (AMS): 19.00 °C
State of battery charge (AMS): 255 %
State of health of battery (AMS): 255 %
State of function of battery (AMS): 12.750 V
Idle stop or engine stall: On
Brake boost vacuum pressure: -0.039 hPa
Brake boost vacuum pressure Voltage(ISG): 314.568 V
Nominal capacity (AMS): 255 Ah
Flag status of battery charge (AMS): Yes
Battery sensor in invalid condition (AMS): Yes
Flag status of battery health (Aging) (AMS): Yes
Response error flag from battery sensor (AMS): Yes
Flag status of battery function to crank the engine (AMS): Yes
Flag status of quiescent current (AMS): Yes
AMS stop reason - head lamp (AMS): Yes
AMS stop reason - wiper (AMS): Yes
Equivalence ratio (lambda) sensor 2, bank 1: 64.000
Battery current: A
Battery voltage: V
Battery temperature: °C
Total sulphur mass: 9999.986 mg

Actuators test


Electrical Water Heater
PTC heater relay
ISG Inhibit Lamp
ISG test (Option)
Main Water Pump
Cooling fan low speed
Cooling fan high speed
Main relay
Fuel Lift Pump Relay
GRU (Glow Relay Unit) 15% Duty
Boost Pressure Actuator 5%
Boost Pressure Actuator 95%
EGR valve 10%
EGR valve 90%
Throttle valve actuator 10%
Throttle valve actuator 90%
Variable Swirl Control Actuator 10%
Variable Swirl Control Actuator 90%
PWM Fan Actuator 5%
PWM Fan Actuator 95%
EGR cooling by pass 95%
Engine Speed PWM Output 4000 RPM
Low Pressure EGR Valve 5%
Low Pressure EGR Valve 95%
Low Pressure Exhaust Flap 5%
Low Pressure Exhaust Flap 95%
Fuel Lift Pump Control 5%
Fuel Lift Pump Control 95%
Idle Speed Control Actuator (850 RPM)
Idle Speed Control Actuator (2000 RPM)



Edit VIN
Injectors replacement
ECU Change (CPF option)
Lambda sensor change
Rail pressure sensor change
Air Flow Sensor Change
Differential pressure sensor replacement (CPF option)
Swirl control valve change
Throttle adaptation reset
EGR valve change
APS module change
Converter ASSY(LNT+DPF)
Idle speed comparison
Injection quantity comparison
Fuel line air removal
CPF Service Regeneration (CPF option)
ECU Tuning Data Confirm
Generator test (Option)
DPF + LNT service regeneration
Lambda sensor (LSU) cleaning
SCR restarting temporary unrestricting function
Learning after replacing the turbocharger actuator
Checking the history of CKPS signal missing error