Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, G70 (IK), 2020, G 2.0 T-GDI, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist(FCA, SCC)

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist(FCA/SCC) - 0


Vehicle name:
System identification:
SCC type ::
VAFs of SCC type:
AEB city ::
AEB urban ::
AEB ped ::
Supplier ECU hardware number:
ECU software version:
Part number:
Manufacture date: FF FF FF FF
Serial number: FF FF FF FF
Software version number:



Clear DTC

Data stream

Align target range: 610 cm
Mounting height: -1 mm
Lateral mounting offset: -1 mm
Target align result: Incorrect target range
Field align result: Fail (Cancel)
Align horizontal misalignment angle: -25.50 °
Align vertical misalignment angle: -25.50 °
Field alignment progress: 255 %
Vertical misalignment upper limit: 25.50 °
Vertical misalignment lower limit: -25.50 °
Option error status: -
Ignition voltage: 25.50 V
Vehicle speed: 255 km/h
Driver set speed: 255 km/h
Braking torque requested by driver: Yes
Driver peripheral acceleration sensor: Yes
Main switch: Yes
Distance to relevant object: 255 m
SCC system status: Disable
Navigation status: Invalid
Relative velocity to relevant object: 85 m/s
AEB pedestrian option: Enable
SCC enable option: Enable
AEB enable option: Enable
Driver seat position: RHD
HDA option: Enable
Transmission type: M/T
NAVI SCC option: Enable
Wheel drive type: 4WD
ADCU Option: --
Sensor type: --
FCA cyclist option: --



AEB/SCC Alignment (Calibration)
Variant coding