Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, G70 (IK), 2018, D 2.2 TCI-R, Brake

Brake - 0


Vehicle name:
Vehicle function ::
ECU version:
Software version number:
Software date:
IVSS Version:
Product ID ::
Production date ::
Serial number:
Software date:



Clear DTC

Data stream

EPB inline mode status: -
Engine speed: -- rpm
Vehicle speed: -- kph
Throttle position sensor: -- %
Shift gear position: --
Battery voltage: -- V
5v reference voltage: -- V
Left front wheel speed sensor: -- kph
Right front wheel speed sensor: -- kph
Left rear wheel speed sensor: -- kph
Right rear wheel speed sensor: -- kph
Steering wheel angle sensor 1: --
Steering wheel angle sensor N: --
Steering wheel angle sensor 2: --
Longitudinal acceleration sensor: -- g
Lateral acceleration sensor: -- g
ABS telltale: --
TCS/ESP warning telltale: --
EBD telltale: --
TCS/ESP off lamp: --
TCS/ESP off switch: --
Brake pedal switch normally closed: --
Brake lamp switch: --
Hazard warning lights switch: --
Motor relay: --
DBC/HAC brake lamp: --
Valve relay: --
ESS brake lamp: --
Motor: --
Left front inlet solenoid valve: --
Left rear inlet solenoid valve: --
Right front inlet solenoid valve: --
Right rear inlet solenoid valve: --
Left front outlet solenoid valve: --
Left rear outlet solenoid valve: --
Right front outlet solenoid valve: --
Right rear outlet solenoid valve: --
Left TCS solenoid: --
Left front electric shuttle valve (ESV-LF): --
Right TCS solenoid: --
Right front electric shuttle valve (ESV-RF): --
Clutch switch (M/T only): --
Gear R switch (M/T only): --
Steering wheel angle sensor (CAN): -- °
Lateral acceleration sensor: -- g
Yaw rate sensor: -- °/sec
Pressure sensor (Positive): -- bar
Pressure sensor (Negative): -- bar
Pedal travel sensor - PDT: -- mm
Pedal travel sensor - PDF: -- mm
DBC switch: --
AVH switch input: --
DBC telltale: --
Relative steering angle sensor: -- °
Left front brake fluid pressure sensor: -- bar
Right front brake fluid pressure sensor: -- bar
Vacuum sensor: -- kph
Vacuum switch: --
Brake vacuum pump: --
Ignition switch: --
Apply switch: --
Release switch: --
In-gear switch: --
EPB warning telltale: --
EPB status telltale: --
Actuator direction: --
Actuator status: --
EPB motor current - rear left (MOC Type): -- A
EPB motor current - rear right (MOC Type): -- A
Force sensor (EPB Integration Type Only): -- N
Clutch signal 1 duty (MT Vehicle Only): -- %
Clutch signal 2 duty (MT Vehicle Only): -- %
Static operation count: -- times
Dynamic operation count: -- times
In-Line coding - ESS: Completed - enabled
In-Line coding - SPAS: Completed - smart wheel sensor
In-Line coding - HAC: Completed - enabled
In-Line coding - AVH: Completed - enabled
In-Line coding - EPB dynamic braking: Completed - enabled
In-Line coding - EVP: Completed - enabled
In-Line coding - ECS: Completed - enabled

Actuators test


Left front inlet solenoid valve
Right front inlet solenoid valve
Left rear inlet solenoid valve
Right rear inlet solenoid valve
Left front outlet solenoid valve
Right front outlet solenoid valve
Left rear outlet solenoid valve
Right rear outlet solenoid valve
Left front TC valve
Right front TC valve
Right front ESV (ESP) valve
Left front ESV (ESP) valve
DBC brake lamp relay
ESS brake lamp relay
Vacuum pump relay
Actuator Control - Apply
Actuator Control - Release



HCU air bleeding
Auto detected configuration reset (ESP(ESC) only)
Longitudinal G Sensor Calibration(HAC/DBC Only)
SAS calibration (CAN-ESP Only)
Change mode of DIH and MoD actuator
Assembly check
Deactivate factory mode



Edit configuration