Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, EQUUS (VI), 2011, G 4.6 MPI, Instrument Panel Module

Instrument Panel Module - 0


Vehicle model: €
HMC/KMC part number:
Part name:
Manufacture date:
Software version number: FF FF FF FF FF
SIEMENS product no. ::
Can DB ver.: FF FF
Hardware version number: FF



Clear DTC

Data stream

Trunk open switch: On

Option division

EC horn: On
Horn answer Back(+RK): Enable
Arm/Disarm by door key(+RK): Enable
NAS option: On
Domestic version: On
Passenger seatbelt option: On
China version: On
Welcome light enable: Enable
NA option: On

Smart key status

Trunk door lock SW: On
Brake pedal switch: Pressed
Brake fuse: Normal
Parking brake switch: On
Front left sensor signal input (Only for VI): On
Front left door lock button: On
Front right sensor signal input(Only for VI): On
Front right door lock button: On
Rear left sensor signal input(Only for VI): On
Rear left lock command signal input(Only for VI): On
Rear right sensor signal input(Only for VI): On
Rear right lock command signal input(Only for VI): On
P position or clutch: On
Start/stop button: On
ESCL enable: On
ESCL feedback: --
Indicate ESCL internal broken: --
ESCL learnt status: --
ESCL bolt is near unlock: --
ESCL neutral status: --
ESCL locked: --
ESCL virgin status: --
ESCL enable output: --
Number of learnt FOB key: --

Power resource

Ignition 1 signal: On
Ignition 2 signal: On
Battery voltage: 20.40 V


Hazard warning lights switch: On

Buglar alarm

Right rear door contact switch: On
Driver door open switch: On
Passenger door open switch: On
Left rear door contact switch: On
Trunk open status: Open
Trunk lid switch: On
Trunk lid relay: On
Security telltale: On
Burglar alarm status: --


Defroster switch: On
Driver front seatbelt buckle switch: On
Passenger front seatbelt buckle switch: On
Crash signal: On
Passenger seatbelt telltale: On
Foot lamp output: On
Front room lamp: On
Defroster relay: On
Rear room lamp output: On
Trunk room lamp output: On

Automatic light

Automatic light sensor: 5.100 V
Auto light sensor vcc: 10.200 V


RF key status: --
Button status: --
Number of FOB keys: 255


Transponder status: --
IPM status: --
Lock by timer1: --

Actuators test


Defroster relay
Trunk open switch (-PTM)
Front room lamp
Security indicator
Rear room lamp output
Foot Lamp
ESCL enable
Interior antenna 1 active
Interior antenna 2 active
Trunk antenna active
Bumper antenna active
Left Door Handle Antenna
Right Door Handle Antenna
Hat shelf antenna active



Interior antenna 1
Interior antenna 2
Trunk Antenna
Bumper Antenna
Driver door handle antenna
Passenger door handle antenna
Hat Shelf Antenna
ESCL communication line check
Receiver communication line check
ECM neutralization
IPM Neutralization
PDM neutralization
ESCL neutralization
IPM status information
ESCL status information
PDM status information
FOB key status information
EMS Immobilizer Status Information
PDM status information