Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, G70 (IK), 2018, G 2.0 T-GDI, Driveshaft

Driveshaft - 0


Software version bootloader:
ECU serial number ::
Vehicle manufacturer ECU hardware number:
Supplier ECU hardware number:
System ECU software number:


P183600: Bleed pressure line test error


Clear DTC

Data stream

Engine speed: rpm
Battery voltage: V
Computed command torque: N·m
Computing clutch duty: %
PCB temperature: °C
Computed clutch stress: %
AWD warning lamp - ECU failure:
AWD warning lamp - motor failure:
AWD warning lamp - clutch failure:
Vehicle speed: km/h
Acceleration pedal: %
Brake active information:
Gear position (current):
Motor current: A
Steering wheel angle sensor: °
Actual clutch torque: N·m
Actual clutch pressure: bar
Computed motor stress: %
Diagnostic flag of ASW (vehicle observer):
Diagnostic flag of ASW (cluth controller):
Temporal diagnostic flag of BSW, HW 1:
Temporal diagnostic flag of BSW, HW 2:
Diagnostic flag of BSW, HW 1:
Diagnostic flag of BSW, HW 2:
Ignition status:
Output shaft speed: rpm
Front axle:
Steering angle offset: °
Yaw rate: °/sec
ESP control mode:
ESP limitation mode:
Hetero tire ratio: %
Hetero tire level:
Delta speed between front and rear axle: rpm
Computed clutch work: kWh
Computed motor work: kWh
Raw value of sensor output:

Actuators test


Lamp control



Clutch learning reset
Air Bleeding Mode