Car, HYUNDAI, Korea, EQUUS (VI), 2010, G 5.0 MPI, Electric Parking Brake

Electric Parking Brake - 0


ECU info ::
Software version bootloader:
ECU software version number:
HMC/KMC part number:


C1102: Battery - low voltage


Clear DTC

Data stream

Red warning lamp status: -
EPB system status: -
Current EPB coordinator mode: Not latched
Current brake-force state: -
E-motor is running: Active
EPB system faults which inhibit EPB activity: Partial function
EPB is in connection with the hydraulic brake system: Active
Requested direction for E-motor and AYC-request: -
Dynamic brake light - Request status: On
Yellow fault lamp status: On
EPB switch: Invalid
Motor current: -100.00 mA
Force sensor: -0.10 N·m
Stored switch information: BRAKE & RELEASE POSITION
Voltage: 51.00 V
Ignition wire: On
Internal temperature at sensor: 205 °C
Internal temperature at HS1: 205 °C
Internal temperature at HS2: 205 °C

Actuators test


Latching Postion
Mounting Position
Force Input
PWM Input - Disable
PWM Input - Clamp
PWM Input - Release
PWM Input - Stop
Unjam Motor - Clamp
Unjam Motor - Release