Hybrid - IMA - 1


Identifier: 1604180100


P1554: Battery module temperature sensor 1 signal - circuit high voltage

P1571: Motor commutation sensor voltage malfunction

P1559: Motor commutation sensor A - circuit low voltage


Clear DTC

Data stream

IPU module fan: Low

History of battery charging stop (BAT TEMP): Off

History of battery charging stop (BAT VOLT): Off

Fuel cut-off request ECM: Off

Engine speed up request: Off

Idle stop permit: Off

Power save mode (Motor overload): Off

Power save mode (State of charge): Off

Power save mode (BAT VOLT): Off

Power save mode (BAT TEMP): Off

Service check signal: Short

ABS status signal: On

IMA telltale: On

Ignition hold relay: Off

Bypass contactor: Off

High voltage contactor: Off

No regeneration power (battery temperature too high): On

Motor assist turned off (battery temperature too high): Off

Battery temperature 03 sensor: 3.53 V

Battery temperature 02 sensor: 3.68 V

Battery temperature 01 sensor: 3.57 V

Positive temperature coefficient thermistor voltage: 3.64 V

State of charge: 22 %

Motor terminal voltage: 17.80 V

Motor power inverter module temperature: 0 °C

IMA request: 9.6 kW

Motor power inverter module voltage sensor: 77 V

High voltage system insulation resistance: 828 kOhm

DC/DC converter temperature: 79 °C

Vehicle speed sensor: 242 km/h

Motor speed: 1 rpm

IG1 voltage: 12.82 V

Battery module voltage: 193 V

Target motor drive output current: 30 A

State of charge: 236.0 %

Battery current sensor: 56.5 A

Motor power inverter module current sensor: 94 A

U phase current sensor: 78 A

V phase current sensor: 78 A

W phase current sensor: 78 A

Actuators test