Car, LIFAN, 330 SMILY, Jicheng (Bosch ECM)

Immobilizer - Jicheng (Bosch ECM) - 0


VIN no: qwertyuiopasdfghj

Hardware number: 4626

Repair shop code or tester serial number: qwertyuiop

Programming date: qwertyUUUU

Diagnosis date: qwerty


P1111: Unknown DTC

P1212: Unknown DTC

P1313: Unknown DTC

P1414: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Number of DTC: 16

Freeze frame DTC: B3045

Freeze frame DTC: P1212

K-line communication status: Ok

L-line communication status: Ok

Transponder is detected: Yes

Transponder learned: Yes

Number of learnt FOB key: 5.0

ECM authentication state (Has ECM sent the authentication result?): No

ECM certification status (ECM authentication is successful): Yes

ECM authentication state (Has the authentication request pulse signal been received?): No

ECM authentication state (Has ECM sent the authentication request data?): No

ECM authentication state (Has IMMO sent the encrypted data?): No

Immobilizer is in initial state: No