Car, LIFAN, 330 SMILY, Bosch ME7.8.8

Engine - Bosch ME7.8.8 - 0


VIN no: 123345123456789@B

Part number: 12334512345

Supplier ECU hardware number: 123345123456789@BCw

Software number: 1233451234

Pattern number: 12334512

Engine type: 123345

Repair shop code or tester serial number: 1233451234

Programming date: 1233

Diagnostic identification code: 12

ECU code version: 12334512

ECU rom version number: 1233451234

CAN databus version: 1233451234

UAES hardware number: 1233451234


P1212: Unknown DTC

P1616: Unknown DTC


Clear DTC

Data stream

Vehicle equipment code: 00 00

Immobilizer is in initial state: No

No freestart counts left: No

Challange response without engine author: No

Communication error: No

Immobilizer security level: No

Security code programmed: No

Security code input status: No

Security code lockout: No

Security grade: No

Powertrain data: No

Variant code: No

CAN vehicle configuration: No

VIN programmed: No

Cooling fan relay 1: Off

Cooling fan relay 2: Off

Reach idle speed: No

Terminal 15 (ignition): Off

Synchronization condition: No

Main relay: Off

Reach engine working temperature: No

Fuel pump relay: Off

Vehicle running (Received speed pulse): No

Cranking signal: No

Acceleration fuel enrichment: No

Throttle position at idle position: No

Throttle wide open position: No

Deceleration fuel cut-off: No

Catalyst converter protection concentration activated: No

Lambda control: No

O2 sensor mixture correction with active diagnosis: No

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve: Off

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 heater: Off

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 status: Lean

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 heater: Off

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 status: Rich

Accelerator pedal position at idle position: No

Electrical load 1: No

Electrical load 2: No

Service vehicle soon telltale: No

Check engine telltale: Off

Throttle position unknown or error: No

Electronic throttle control (ETC) motor power supply fault: No

A/C switch: Off

Idle speed increase: No

A/C request: No

Turn off A/C compressor at full load: No

A/C compressor: Off

A/C pressure switch midle: No

AT converter clutch activated: Yes

Battery voltage after main relay terminal 87: 0.00 V

Engine speed: 0.0 rpm

Target idle speed without compensation: 0 rpm

Target idle speed with compensation: 0 rpm

Vehicle speed sensor: 0 km/h

Vehicle acceleration: 0.0 m/s²

Engine coolant temperature (ADC): 1.660 V

Engine coolant temperature sensor: -40.0 °C

Intake air temperature sensor (ADC): 2.656 V

Intake air temperature raw: -40.0 °C

Ambient temperature sensor: -40.0 °C

Engine oil temperature: -60.0 °C

Mass air flow sensor: 0.0 kg/h

Actual intake air manifold pressure: 0 kPa

Accelerator pedal position 1 fully close (ADC): 1.992 V

Accelerator pedal position sensor: 33.3 %

Throttle sensor open 1 (ADC): 1.660 V

Target throttle position: 33.3 %

Actual throttle position: 40.0 %

Electronic throttle control (ETC) motor duty: 33.2 %

Stepper motor: 85.00 V

Average fuel injection pulse width: 8.5 ms

Ignition dwell time: 10.2 ms

Ignition timing cylinder 1: -21.5 Grad kw

Fuel consumption: 9.9 L/h

Knock sensor signal (B1): 22.588 V

Knock sensor signal (B2): 27.182 V

Knock retard angle cylinder 1: -87.8 Grad kw

Knock retard angle cylinder 2: -63.8 Grad kw

Knock retard angle cylinder 3: -38.2 Grad kw

Knock retard angle cylinder 4: -76.5 Grad kw

Short term fuel trim bank 1: 0.7

O2 sensor 1, bank 1 (ADC): 1.059 V

O2 sensor 2, bank 1 (ADC): 2.627 V

Long term fuel trim bank 1: 0.7

Final long term correction factor 1: -1319.4 kPa

Additive correction of the mixture adaptation: 1445.6 %

Intake air temperature: -48.0 %

Relative engine load: 63.8 %

Idle torque self learn: 66.4 %

Target idle torque correction learning: 66.4 %

Canister electrovalve duty cycle: 53.1 %

Relative fuel injection quantity of canister control: 1445.6 %

Canister purge ratio: 0.2

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system - canister load: 68.5

Odometer: 303174162 km

Engine running time: 303174162 min

Time since check engine telltale on: 27756.0 min

Intake valve opening (Relative to LWOT): 266 Grad kw

Exhaust valve opening (Relative to LWOT): 234 Grad kw

Camshaft overlap: 204 Grad kw

Intake camshaft overlap coefficient: 0.3

Exhaust camshaft overlap coefficient: 0.3

PWM control of the intake camshaft: 46.5 %

PWM control of the exhaust camshaft: 33.2 %

Distance since check engine telltale on: 30840.0 km

Actuators test


Check engine telltale

Fuel pump relay

Evaporative emission (EVAP) system, canister purge valve

Cooling fan relay 1

Cooling fan relay 2

A/C clutch

Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) telltale

Disable fuel injection 1

Disable fuel injection 2

Disable fuel injection 3

Disable fuel injection 4

Idle rpm control

Ignition angle

Throttle position angle

Stepper motor position

Stepper motor position test



Reset long term fuel self-learning adjustment

Reset ECU self-learning value (Throttle Adaptation)

Edit VIN

ECU learn reset